Getting a puppy or a new dog is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. Dogs become part of our daily life, our at home greeter, our leisure time companion and our family.


Getting a dog is a commitment of ten or more years, with vacation care, financial responsibilities and annual doctor visits. Choose wisely. Know yourself and the commitment you are making.

Is an Airedale right for me?

Airedales have different attitudes than other dogs. They are independent and stoic. They have lots of personality and love to interact with their owners. As much fun as the Airedale attitude is, it is exactly the reason they are given up into foster care. It takes a special perseverance to get through the puppy stage – which lasts about 2 years.

Thinking about your daily life and your activities, here are some questions you could answer for yourself:

  1. Have you owned or lived with Airedales in the past?
  2. Do you want a spare ‘dale or will a mixed ‘dale be OK?
  3. Do you have a fenced yard?
  4. Do you have a crate and have you crated trained a dog?
  5. Are you aware that some Airedales are chewers, dirt diggers and fence jumpers?
  6. Will you like the wet beard of a ‘dale and the big muddy feet?
  7. Airedales are typically clipped twice or three times a year, depending on the thickness
    of their coat. Are you prepared to clip them or have them groomed?
  8. Do you prefer a active, rowdy dog or a quiet laid-back dog? (Laid back Airedalesare untypical but do happen)

You should consider reading more about the adoption process, or if you reside in the southeastern United States, please fill out the Adoption Application. The adoption fee for Airedales is $300, for older dogs the adoption fee is $100.

Getting started

If you need to follow up, or have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale Terrier who needs a home.


3 Responses to Adoption

  1. Susan Bring says:

    I’m looking for a smaller Dale, between 45 and 65 lbs. If it is only partially trained but already house trained I can finish the training. I love my Portuguese, she is my service dog and I did all the training. I live only with her. She is only trained to work outside our home. Since I work at home I think I would be a good match for Jazzy. When Stella was a puppy I had another Portuguese, so I know Stella can share our home. She is seven but has some traits of a younger dog. I would not be a good match for a dog needing extra vet care because vets here charge much more than the southeast and I am on a fixed income. I take care of a mixed lab 4 evenings a week and they play together for part of the time. I’m on my 3rd living room lamp. I now have it baracated. I know that was par for the course. The rest we can save for the application and interview. Thanks for hanging in there for rescue!

  2. Michael Leggett says:

    Michael just lost his best friend Katie, back in September 2017. His heart is broken, and his life is empty. He is ready to find a new companion (or even 2). I am helping him with his search, my name is Susan. Unfortunately, i live on the west coast and he is on the east coast. He has had at least 4 Airedales in his home and heart, and I know he will never have anything different. His dogs have always come first and foremost in his life. Please give him a chance to give a dog a wonderful home.

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Susan. Thank you for contacting us about your friend Michael. If Michael is in our region – NC, SC, GA, TN, or AL, he can fill out an application to adopt on this web site under “Adopt.” If he is somewhere else on the east coast, please consult National Airedale Rescue for a representative close to him. Happy New Year!

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