Rescue Release Form

When your Airedale needs to find a new home, please fill out the Relinquishment Rescue Release Form.  Please send a cute picture for us to place on the website. Email one or two to

If you are a shelter please contact Christina Prange at for assistance in releasing the dog to ARG.

Completion of the release certifies ownership of the Airedale. It also certifies that this Airedale has not bitten any person or animal within 15 days and has not been exposed to rabies. You give complete ownership of the Airedale to Airedale Rescue Group of South Carolina releasing its volunteers and representatives of all liabilities of said dog.


Click to fill out  Relinquishment Rescue Release Form


2 Responses to Relinquishment

  1. Tammy Poore says:

    I am not looking to relinquish my Airedale but to find temporary boarding for a 3 month time frame while our house is being rebuilt do to a fire and we are unable to find temporary housing that will accept him so right now we are staying in a motel room.

    The dog is in Shelbyville/Nashville TN area.

    Thanks for any assistance given
    Tammy Poore

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Tammy. I am so sorry to hear about your fire. I think we may be able to help you. Please fill out a Relinquishment Form but note in the comments that this is for TEMPORARY / FOSTER only. When I receive the form, I will then call you to go over the details. Please also send a photo of your Airedale to Thank you, Tammy.

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