Carly has a story, but she’s not telling us much. She wandered up to a home in south-central TN about 6 months ago, no tags, no chip, not starving, not sick, just lost and on her own. No one seemed to be looking for her as the woman who found her posted flyers and checked with vets’ offices. So Carly stayed. She wanted to come inside, so we can be pretty sure she was accustomed to living in a home with her people. Even though she can’t go inside the house, she stays in the yard. She gets along fine with the owners’ other dogs – large and small – and doesn’t seem interested in the cat. She’s good on leash and in the car, and seems to be just an all-round super Aire-Girl!

We think Carly is about 4 years old, about 65 lbs. She hasn’t been around children younger than 7 that we’re aware of. She’s friendly, sweet, and needs a home. She has not yet been checked out completely by our vet, so we’re hoping that she doesn’t have heart worms.

Maybe Carly is the one you’ve been waiting for.


12 Responses to Carly, ~4 y-o Female, Tennessee, Foster or Adopt

  1. Katie Willingham says:

    Interested in Carly!

  2. Lori says:

    I’m interested… transport available?? We are in wichita ks

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Lori. Thanks for your inquiry into one of our Airedales. We rescue and place Airedales only in the following states: NC, SC, TN, GA, and AL. There are two groups that cover Kansas: SOAR and ATRA. Here are the contacts there:
      Kansas State Priscilla Lundblad SOAR Affiliate 303-910-1403
      Kansas State Lisa Simon SOAR 913-422-1470
      Kansas state Stephanie Callahan ATRA 763-780-4413

      I wish you luck in your search for an Airedale.

  3. Marcela Martinez says:

    I just filled out an application for her! I Live in Marietta GA. So happy she is in good hands now. Lydia from rescuewelsh post about the transportation problem. Hope you found someone… let me know.
    Thanks, Marcela Martinez

  4. Sara Bentley says:

    Hi Jackie- Sara here. Haven’t gotten settled in my new home yet but Carly is adorable. Is she still available?

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Sara. She is being treated by a vet in Nashville currently for a terrible skin condition – maybe just allergic dermatitis – and a couple of tumors to be removed after a course of antibiotics and antihistamines. So, we won’t know her health condition for a while. I have a potential volunteer to do your home visit and will be in touch about that soon. Thanks, Sara. Jackie

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