Judah, 2-3 yr old Male, Nashville, TN

Judah has a story but he’s not telling it. He turned up in a shelter in southern AL, dirty, matted, emaciated, full of fleas and ticks, and wanting someone to love him. He had no tags or chip and the shelter tried but could not locate an owner. He’s about 50-55 lbs, up to date on everything, neutered, and heart worm negative.

Judah can be a bit food aggressive (who knows how long he had to scrounge for food?), but that can easily be trained out with patience and love. He becomes a bit jealous over toys, but again, under the right circumstances, he can learn to play nice. Judah is fostering with an experienced Airedale mom who has a senior female Airedale, who is not fond of other dogs in her home. They’ve had a few disagreements, but nothing that drew blood. They must be kept separate when mom isn’t home.

Judah is looking for a home with someone who knows Airedales, is committed to patient, consistent training, and who wants to turn this boy into the great, happy, loving boy he can be for the next 10-12 years. Judah will offer you his paw to shake. You can build on that!

Is yours the right family for Judah?

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    1. I really don’t know, Susan. He and the foster mom’s female Airedale can play a little, but if a toy or food is involved, he will go after her and vice versa. Understand, he’s untrained. But, he’s an Airedale so we know he can be trained to be a great dog. Do you want to talk to his foster mom?

    1. Jim, I’m not talking about a specific dog. If you are interested in being considered for adopting an Airedale from us, you must first fill out our application. Then, we’ll begin the process of interview, home visit, and matching you to the right Airedale for your situation.

  1. Hey, I live in NASHVILLE! AN airedale taught me and my sister how to walk! I have a large yard and would absoilutely love to have the patience to give him a loving home. I have a doxie who mostly keeps to herself on laps and would make sure they are aseperate but again she is such a lapdog unless me and my fiance are home they would be seperate. 6156091228!

    1. Hi, Zachary. We got your application in today, and your name sounded familiar, so I looked in our database and see that you applied a couple of years ago. I, or one of our other volunteers, will be in touch in a day or so. I don’t think Judah would do well with a doxie, but we’ll discuss that when appropriate. Thank you for contacting us and for applying to adopt an Airedale. Jackie

    Perhaps we would like to have a shot at Judah, I think you have our application, Our three Airedales, (now gone) brought so much love to us. 2 raised from pups and one rescue. NC Airedale Rescue. 1 alpha, and counter surfer, and the rescue had lots to learn and soooo sweet. Injured so she could not get on bed or couch. But soooo sweet.

    1. Morning, Eric. Thank you for your message about Judah. He is a wild child. He needs extensive training and attention. He’s had neither in his short life. He has some food aggression issues that we’re working on, and that extends to people and dogs who come close while he’s eating. I really think a more settled dog might be a better fit for you and Terri. Let me know if you disagree.

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