Levi was unlucky enough to be given up by his family in Texas to someone in South Carolina who could not or would not take care of him. Levi lived outside with two other dogs his size and one small dog. He got along with all of them. I guess you could say misery loves company, because these dogs were living in terrible conditions. They were fenced in but often got out because the owners were careless about latching the fence and careless about feeding. Enter a concerned neighbor who contacted ARG.

He is perfectly comfortable in the house and is crate-trained. Levi is calm on a leash, a picky eater, and generally just likes to hang out. He does not seem very interested in going outside so we suspect he was not leash walked.

Levi has been going to doggy day care and has proven to be very social and mannerly with all the staff and all the dogs in daycare. He is good with big dogs, little dogs, and young pups. His basic personality is an easy-going guy. He also does not seem fearful or anxious about anything. He is excellent about being groomed and handled by the vet.

He has not been around small children but he has been perfectly comfortable with everyone he has met to date. I feel he is for sure a “sweet boy”. He is a big gentle goof that just wants to hang with you wherever you may go. He has perfect manners with all dogs and seems to especially like little dogs. He is a very easy dog and very popular at doggy day care when the foster mom takes him.

Levi has had some skin issues but they no longer must give any Benadryl to get him through the night without having a scratching fit. His foster mom rubs him down with Emu oil and this seems to help greatly to heal all the irritation. He has a little stiffness on getting up and is taking a glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM supplement. He does not indicate any pain when being handled and is wonderful about being groomed. He loves the attention.

Levi is ready to go to his forever home and bring you joy and companionship for the rest of his life. Are you ready?


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