Lilly did not work out in her new home. She and the resident Airedale did not get along. So she’s now looking for a home with no other dogs or cats and with a strong Airedale-savvy mom or dad or both. She loves attention from her people and loves to please. Give her a toy and she’s happy. She loves being in the house rather than staying outside and is house-trained. She has determined that the crate is a safe place and will go in for short periods. She also respects a baby gate to keep her from getting into trouble.

Lilly is heart worm positive so we’ve started her on Doxycycline and Heartgard in preparation for beginning treatment in 30-60 days. This means she’ll need to be kept calm and leash walked with no running or getting excited throughout her treatment period. ARG will, of course, pay for her medical care.

WILL YOU CONSIDER FOSTERING OR ADOPTING THIS SWEET GIRL? (She’s in Atlanta, but we’ll work out transport if you’re in our region: NC, SC, GA, TN, AL, and overlap into VA.)


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  1. Dave Sullivan says:

    I am not in the region but will pay for transportation costs anything. Our Angie Airedale passed on with Lymphoma and left Tanner pining (see my FB Page Dave Sullivan only one with an Airedale saying grace before dinner or my. We live on the Oregon Coast a wonderful place for dogs for manifold reasons. They have their own Kitchen and prepared foods and the best of care. She will have a wonderful life with Tanner. Our back area is fenced as well and door always open. You can check with our veterinarian too. We have one other very old rescue that is a gentlr giant at 15+ years.

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Dave. You are so kind to offer to adopt Lilly. With her being strongly positive for heart worms, the transport across the country would not be good for her; it would be too much stress, regardless of the means of transportation. Please contact the representative for Oregon:
      Connie Turner

      Good luck. and Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale.

  2. Nedra Passmore says:

    I’m in Inman, SC. I could foster Lilly, or adopt if possible.

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Good morning, Nedra. Thank you for your interest in Lilly. Please fill out an adoption application on our site; we require that whether you are fostering or adopting. When we receive your application one of our volunteers will contact you for a phone interview; after that we’ll have a volunteer do your home visit. We have new Airedales coming into rescue soon, so now is a good time to apply. Thank you. Jackie

  3. T. Jude Welsh says:

    Good Evening. I live in Asheville and have been looking for my next Airedale. I had a sweet and silly Airedale girl named Jaya..who I had to put down last year. She was almost 16! Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. I filled out an application last year so I’m not sure of next steps? Thank you. Best, Jude

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Morning, Jude. I am sorry to hear that you had to say goodbye to your Jaya. It is never easy. Thank you for asking about Lilly. I have searched our database and find no application from you. Please fill out an application on this site and one of our volunteers will contact you for an interview. After the interview, we will then have a volunteer do a home visit to meet you and your family. We have several Airedales coming into rescue so right now is a good time to apply, and having experience with Airedales puts you in a good position. I look forward to seeing your application. Thank you. Jackie

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Jude. Two months ago you commented on our web site about Lilly and said you had applied with us about 1 year ago. As I explained in my email earlier, we do not have an application on file for you and we do not purge applications in that short a time. Perhaps you applied with a different Airedale rescue organization: ATRA, ATRVA, SOAR? We all rescue Airedales but we are regional and our group, Airedale Rescue Group, covers NC. Lilly is currently being trained to be able to get along with other dogs, as she has proven to be unfriendly in a couple of foster homes. If you are still interested in her, please fill out an application here on our web site. Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale, Jude. We look forward to helping you find another Airedale for your family. Thank you, Jackie

  4. Walter Lane says:

    We live in Oriental nc, have fenced back yard, have time to be with Lilly, have had Airedales before. What’s next?

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. Lilly has gone to her foster/potential forever home this weekend. To be considered for adoption, please fill out an application under “Adopt.” We’ll review your application, have a volunteer contact you for an interview, then follow that with a home visit. We look forward to seeing your application.

  5. Anita Loeser says:

    would love to adopt Lily. Missing having an Airedale since Happy died in June.
    Please consider us…

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Anita. I believe your name has come up in our internal conversations about where we believe Lilly should go. Our concern has been that you have a cat. Lilly is a dominant Airedale and has been known to try to go after another Airedale female. We are concerned she would not be safe with a cat. She needs a lot of attention and does get very anxious when she’s left alone. If you are still interested, please email me at Thank you, Jackie Cash. (BTW, Christina is in CA this week for work, but I’ll let her know that you have expressed an interest in Lilly.)

  6. Jacqueline J stearns says:

    Oh my goodness, I believe I met Lilly a couple weeks ago in Chamblee. Beautiful sweet dog. I grew up with Airedales and look forward to adopting in the future and if not for an elderly schnauzer, I’d love to give Lilly a forever home.

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Jacqueline: Thanks for your comment about Lilly. If you live in our coverage area: NC, SC, TN, GA, AL, please fill out an application here on our site to be considered for adoption. I hope your Schnauzer continues to do well. Jackie

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