Airedale Rescue Group: Volunteers
The women listed below are a few of our core volunteers who work daily to help save and place needy Airedale Terriers.

Please contact Christina Prange at for the relinquishment of full-bred Airedale Terriers.

Apply on line to be considered as an adoptive parent. For all other questions, please contact us at

Thank you for considering an Airedale as your next family member.

Jackie Cash
Application Volunteer
901.438.5482 CENTRAL TIME ZONE

Barbara Lawson
Application Volunteer
518-208-4047  EASTERN TIME ZONE

Cyn Mobley
e-newsletter Publisher
865.405.3002 EASTERN TIME ZONE

Christina Prange
Intake Volunteer
919-605-4563 EASTERN TIME ZONE

Susan Higgins Taylor
Application Volunteer
910.315.2647 EASTERN TIME ZONE

Barbara Yager
803.547.2829 before 9 PM EASTERN TIME ZONE

Fax: 815 301 2959 (This goes to


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