We always need foster homes, help with transports, donations, and, of course, adopters. Please fill out an Adoption Application if you are interested in either fostering or adopting.


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  1. Mike Frey says:

    Looking to adopt another Airedale. Just lost an 11 year old and wonderful friend

  2. Mike Frey says:

    Just lost 11year old airedale. Looking to adopt another friend.

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Mike. Thank you for your inquiry. I am so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your 11-y-o Airedale. It is so difficult to lose these wonderful companions. If you are in our coverage area: NC, SC, TN, GA, and AL, please fill out an application on our home page under “Adopt,” and one of our volunteers will contact you. Thank you for contacting us. Jackie

  3. Robert Payne says:

    I’m nearing retirement from my job in the Birmingham area, and have plenty of time off saved up. I would be happy to transport a dog anytime you need it in the South East.

    • Jackie Cash says:

      Hi, Robert. Thank you so much for your offer of transport help in the Birmingham area. How very generous of you. Have you had (or do you have) an Airedale? Have you helped with transport before? Volunteers make it possible for us to rescue and place Airedales and we really appreciate it. You may contact me individually at airedalemail@comcast.net. Thank you, Jackie Cash.

  4. Samantha Beckman says:

    We filled out an adoption application, gad a visit and had a dog that we were shopping when the foster mom fell again n love. We did find an Airedale and added her to our home. We would love to Foster in Georgia if we are needed.

    • Samantha Beckman says:

      We were adopting, not shopping:)

      • Jackie Cash says:

        Hi, Samantha. Yes, we still have your application on file. How nice of you to offer to foster. We will keep you in mind for an Airedale that will get along with your 3-year-old ‘dale. And, we know you were looking to adpot. Thank you for contacting us again.

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