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Not for the Faint of Heart

Oh, that photo looks innocent enough.  But, that little terrier likely just dug a hole in the backyard, chased a squirrel, did not come when called, or ran straight into your knees when racing through the house!  Sound familiar?  

The Airedale Terrier is truly not for the faint of heart. Those of us who share our lives, hearts, and homes with them know there might be a 5 am game of bitey face or a game of terrier tag at 10.  We love them for their bigger-than-life personalities and their quirks.  Many of us can't have just one!  

Already this year ARG has taken in 20 Airedales for rehoming, some are already settled into their new homes, a few we just learned about, and a few are in foster care due to medical needs. That is why ARG is launching a t-shirt fundraiser to help with veterinary care, specialty care, spay/neuter, heartworm assessment, treatment and prevention, training needs, and grooming. 

The products are available through Bonfire and our goal is to raise close to $3,000.  You can help care for Airedale in need with the purchase of an item or items.  Ther

e are several styles to chose from and assorted colors for each style all sporting the "Airedale Not for the faint of heart" on the front and the ARG logo on the center back. So, what are you waiting for?  Help us, help the 'dales. 


Transport Heroes
One easy way to volunteer for Airedale Rescue Group is by helping with Airedale Transport.  Often, when a rescued Airedale is matched to a new adopting family, ARG needs assistance to get the precious cargo to the new adopter.  This could be anywhere across the five states we support (NC, SC, TN, GA & AL).  Our volunteers typically drive between 2-3 hours, round trip to participate in the Airedale transport.
In April, ARG coordinated a transport so that Finn (AKA Landry), an ARG ‘dale could travel from his surrendering family in Tennessee to his new adopted family in Georgia.  The trip was 377 miles and was not possible without the help of ARG volunteers who helped along the route.  ARG is so thankful for our always helpful and willing drivers.  Finn is happily living in his new family plus an Airedale sister!

Tootles, Standing in the Gap


When 6-year old ‘Toodles’ former family surrendered him to a local animal control center, it was not because he was not loved. His former family had exhausted all of their options to understand a chronic nasal discharge that Toodles had struggled with for a long time.  Their ability to provide a costly CAT Scan just wasn't possible; their only choice euthanize or surrender him.  Thanks to a good relationship with the shelter manager, Lauren knew exactly who to call. 
ARG stepped in to help Toodles and a foster family was identified who will usher Toodles through the medical tests to diagnose the nasal issue.  He will be seen by a specialty doctor since this has plagued his health for a while.  Thankfully, we had past medical records to understand what had been investigated so far and what the next step needs to be.  Toodles will have a nasal scope procedure done later this month to determine if he has a foreign body, polyp, tumor, or something else causing his issues. 
ARG is committed to the best life for Toodles and will be with him each step of the way.  Thanks to donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees from our generous ARG friends and family, helping Toodles and countless other Airedales is possible.


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Reality of Rescue


The reality of rescue is sometimes it is hard and hearts are broken.  ARG recently experienced this with two very special senior dogs. 

Maggie was surrendered just before Christmas when her person was in hospice care.  Nearly 12 years old, Maggie was a heartbreak ready to happen.  Located near one of our volunteers, the Hairston's stepped in and up to the challenge welcoming Maggie into their home. No strangers to senior dogs, this is the family that adopted blind Airedale, Angus in 2019.  The Hariston recognized Maggie's need for pain management as she has severe hip issues.  Weeks of anti-inflammatories and starting her on Aqequin, she was improving until one Sunday she went downhill. Maggie likely had a ruptured splenic mass and was humanely euthanized in the loving arms of Pat and Rick.  Gone too soon, just 55 days after rescue. 

Chauncey is another heartbreak. Surrendered early this year because his person was going into assisted living, he was swept up by the Heath family.  Chauncey had a lot of love to give and was happy to meet new people, children, and dogs on his daily walks.  Sadly Chauncey suffered two Grand Mal seizures and had to be euthanized in the loving arms of the Heath's to suffer no more. 

Both the Hairston's and the Heath's would open their hearts to love a senior again. 

In Loving Memory of Maggie and Chauncey♥

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