Abby, 4, Alabama ADOPTED

Meet Abby, a beautiful 4-year-old Airedale, who was given up by her family when the mom and dad both became too ill to take care of her. We believe she mostly lived outside in her original home and she had a history of wandering away for days at a time. Within the first week of going to her new foster home in August, she escaped and was gone for a day and a half. She was dazed and confused and didn’t know where she belonged. But the patience and tenacity of her foster parents prevailed and she was found and brought home.

As is, unfortunately, true of so many of our rescues, Abby was heart worm positive. It turns out she had been positive for more than a year with no treatment when we got her. But, her wonderful foster family in Alabama has cared for her and loved her through her heart worm treatment, and now she is now healthy and happy and ready for her forever home.

Abby is described by her foster mom as a sweetheart who is calm and loving. She walks well on leash and is crate trained. She knows a few basic commands, but like many Airedales, has selective hearing. Abby gets along great with other dogs, even the family’s grand-dog, a Westie. She has also met their adult son’s cat and didn’t raise an eyebrow. She is great with the couple’s 5-year-old grandchildren, taking treats gently from their hands. When the children get too loud or rambunctious, Abby goes to her mom to sit quietly (and safely) away from the children. She rides well in the car and even enjoys slow boat rides on the lake.

Abby is alone a good part of the day when her foster mom and dad are at work, but she doesn’t have accidents in the house or destroy anything. They can tell what she’s been doing all day by where she leaves her toys.

Abby is a bit timid when meeting new people, but she comes around quickly when she’s shown love and affection. She is a bit skittish about loud noises; for instance, something dropped on the floor. But she quickly recovers once she knows everything is okay. She has shown no thunder/lightning phobia.