Getting a puppy or a new dog is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. Dogs become part of our daily life, our at home greeter, our leisure time companion and our family. We serve North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama and assist as requested by Airedale Rescue groups serving that state.


Getting a dog is a commitment of ten or more years, with vacation care, financial responsibilities and annual doctor visits. Choose wisely. Know yourself and the commitment you are making.

Is an Airedale right for me?

Airedales have different attitudes from other dogs. They are independent and stoic. They have lots of personality and love to interact with their owners. As much fun as the Airedale attitude is, it is exactly the reason they are given up into foster care. It takes a special perseverance to get through the puppy stage – which lasts about 2 years.

Thinking about your daily life and your activities, here are some questions you could answer for yourself:

  1. Have you owned or lived with Airedales in the past?
  2. Do you want a spare ‘dale or will a mixed ‘dale be OK?
  3. Do you have a fenced yard?
  4. Do you have a crate and have you crated trained a dog?
  5. Are you aware that some Airedales are chewers, dirt diggers and fence jumpers?
  6. Will you like the wet beard of a ‘dale and the big muddy feet?
  7. Airedales are typically clipped two or three times a year, depending on the thickness of their coat. Are you prepared to clip them or have them groomed?
  8. Do you prefer a active, rowdy dog or a quiet laid-back dog? (Laid-back Airedales are atypical but do exist.)

Consider reading more about the adoption process and if you reside in our region (NC, SC, TN, GA, AL), please fill out the Adoption Application. The adoption fee for Airedales is $400; for older dogs the adoption fee is reduced.

Getting started

If you need to follow up, or have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale Terrier who needs a home.

43 Replies to “Adoption”

  1. I’m looking for a smaller Dale, between 45 and 65 lbs. If it is only partially trained but already house trained I can finish the training. I love my Portuguese, she is my service dog and I did all the training. I live only with her. She is only trained to work outside our home. Since I work at home I think I would be a good match for Jazzy. When Stella was a puppy I had another Portuguese, so I know Stella can share our home. She is seven but has some traits of a younger dog. I would not be a good match for a dog needing extra vet care because vets here charge much more than the southeast and I am on a fixed income. I take care of a mixed lab 4 evenings a week and they play together for part of the time. I’m on my 3rd living room lamp. I now have it baracated. I know that was par for the course. The rest we can save for the application and interview. Thanks for hanging in there for rescue!

  2. Michael just lost his best friend Katie, back in September 2017. His heart is broken, and his life is empty. He is ready to find a new companion (or even 2). I am helping him with his search, my name is Susan. Unfortunately, i live on the west coast and he is on the east coast. He has had at least 4 Airedales in his home and heart, and I know he will never have anything different. His dogs have always come first and foremost in his life. Please give him a chance to give a dog a wonderful home.

    1. Hi, Susan. Thank you for contacting us about your friend Michael. If Michael is in our region – NC, SC, GA, TN, or AL, he can fill out an application to adopt on this web site under “Adopt.” If he is somewhere else on the east coast, please consult National Airedale Rescue for a representative close to him. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi, My name is Tammy. My husband and I just submitted an application because we would love to find a playmate and companion for our one year old Airedale – Meatball. In the application, I only mentioned wanting a girl between the ages of 1-2, but we would be willing to adopt a girl a little older than that if she could handle Meatball’s energy. Also, the reason we didn’t ask for a boy is because we are afraid that introducing two males together might cause ‘alpha male’ issues, but we don’t really have a reason for feeling that way other than we have heard it has happened with other people we know, but those dogs weren’t Airedales, so we would be perhaps open to a boy as well if we knew there would be no aggression issues.

    1. Also, while we live in AL currently, we have family scattered throughout all the states you service and we can travel to either of the states to meet a possible companion for our Meatball.

    2. Hi, Tammy. Thanks for your application. We did receive it and I will give you a call within the next few days. We can talk about your Meatball (love the name!) and everything on the application including whether a girl or boy Airedale would be best. Thank you so much for applying!

  4. Hey there,

    I live in Greer, SC. I have had one Airedale terrier in my life, Claire. She was my heart, Soul and best friend. Her spirit and intelligence was beyond reproach. Unfortunately, she developed lymphoma and passed peacefully in my arms.
    I am writing to offer assistance as a foster or forever home if you ever have trouble placing either an elderly Airedale, mixed or other.
    I am disabled but able to take care of my animals. I have a home in Greer, SC and fenced yard.
    I just wanted to offer assistance in the case of any hard to place dog.
    Please note, I do have 3 dogs-2 chihuahuas and a husky mix-all 10+ years old. I also have senior cats, 3.
    Bless you for the work you do rescuing this wonderful breed.

    Best Regards,
    Tamara Westbrook

    1. Hi, Tamara. What a lovely message from you. How long ago did you have Claire? It’s always devastating to lose a beloved animal. We often need foster/forever homes for our rescued Airedales. To be considered, please fill out an Adoption Application on this site. Regardless of whether you wish to foster or adopt, it’s the same application. That application will come to us and either I or Barbara Yager will call you to go over the application. Then, we’ll have one of our volunteers contact you for a home visit. We have people in Greer! The fact that you have 2 Chihuahuas and cats could make it difficult. You know how prey-driven Airedales are, and to some, a tiny dog or cat is prey! We actually have a 10-y-o female who needs a new home right now. Anyway, please fill out the application and then we’ll talk! Thank you, Jackie Cash.

    1. Hi, Jeanne. Thank you for your email seeking an Airedale. It sounds like you would be a good Airedale-mom. Please fill out an application on our web site: and one of our volunteers will call you. Then we’ll find a volunteer to do a home visit. We look forward to working with you. Jackie

  5. I would love to adopt a male Airedale. My home has a fence backyard. I’m a disable veteran

    1. Good morning Melvin. Thank you for your message. In order to be considered to adopt through ARG, you must fill out an application on this site. We rescue and place Airedales only in the following states: NC, SC, GA, TN, and AL. If you are outside our region, please search Airedales and your state. Good luck in your search. And Thank you for your service to our country.

  6. hi- we would love to have someone contact us for adoption of an adult Airedale. We have had 3 males and all were very large- Oorang- We absolutely adore them and would love to have another one either male or female but in a regular size!!- the Oorang is more than we want to tackle at our stage of life. Pleasse email us to talk. We Lost Scout last November to a brain tumor. He was only 7 and we miss him and all our dales terribly. They truly fulfill our lives. Thanks-

    1. Hi, Jim and Gibby. I am sorry you lost your Scout. It is so hard to lose these wonderful, loyal, funny sweetheart dogs. You didn’t mention where you live. We rescue and place Airedales only in NC, SC, TN, GA, and AL. Under extraordinary circumstances – a difficult to place Airedale, for instance – we might consider placing one out of our area. If you are in our area, please fill out an Application on our site: and one of our volunteers will contact you for a telephone interview. If you are not in our area, please refer to this list to find an Airedale rescue representative close to you: Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale. Jackie Cash

      1. hi Jackie- we do live in the area- we are in Southport, NC so well within driving distance to meet and greet with those wonderful craz
        Dales- gibby

  7. We have two, but one just passed at age of 11, our boy is sad and we are too. We are extremely active and our dogs are our lives. We live in Oregon in the mountains, fenced 2 acre yard.

    1. Sorry for your loss.. it’s hard. My family has recently moved and Pabst, our 1.5 year old airdales living/outdoor space has been reduced tremendously. since the move he’s seemed depressed and imprisoned in the new environment . He needs space to run and frolic to coincide with his true nature! He’s still young and deserves a better life than being confined to an urban “prison” he has been raised with my 2 kids and loves other dogs and wants to be apart of the pack! If your interested please let me know. He is current with all shots and has a clean bill of health.

      1. Please contact me at to discuss your Airedale, Pabst. Where do you live? If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, AL, we can certainly help you. If you’re not in our region, we can refer you to the appropriate Airedale rescue organization. Thank you for contacting us. Jackie Cash

  8. I am looking for a female Airedale for my Airedale he is 3 and needs someone around the house when I am at work I truly love airedales and will only adopte another Airedale they personality and size is what I look for in a dog if you come across one plz let me know I will drive or travel up to 100 miles to get one thank you for your time

    1. Morning, Cody. Thank you for your message. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application on our web site: Once we receive your application, one of our volunteers will contact you for an interview. If you are not in our region, search for Airedale Terrier Rescue in your state and you will find a group to work with. Thank you.

  9. I apologize if you have already heard from me. I have had two Airedales (both deceased) and now I am interested in acquiring a 3rd. Winston (my 2nd Airedale) was a big factor in my life after my retirement; he had his 12th B.D. with me. However, his 13th year was a little tough on him as well as on me. The knee that he ruptured 6-years ago seemed to present new problems. Although he seemed relatively healthy after his 12th B.D., walks (he really loved them) became shorter and a couple of times I had to get auto assistance. He never really complained but I figured that his surgically corrected knee seemed to give him more problems with age until it reached a point when going for walks seemed contraindicated. Eventually symptoms seemed to get gross and I knew that his days were numbered.

    1. Hello, Wendell. Thank you for your comment. Your boy, Winston, sounds like a wonderful Airedale. You gave him a good, long life. We have not received an application from you. I’m sending you an email from my own personal email in response to your email earlier today. Thank you for your patience.

  10. My boyfriend’s dream dog is an Airedale. He is after either puppy or adult dog. I’m checking with several places to find one that he will get. Any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, Kristina. Thanks for contacting us. First, where do you and your boyfriend live? We rescue and place Airedales in NC, SC, TN, GA, and AL. To be considered for adoption, please have him read about our process, then fill out an application here on our site (“Adopt”). One of our volunteers will contact him to go over the application to begin the process of becoming approved for adoption. If you are not in our region, please go to and search under regional rescue contacts for someone near you. Good luck!

  11. i recently sent in an adoption form to adopt george or banjo.i have not heard from you.please contact me .

    1. Morning, Alan. Yes! We received your application on the day I wrote you. I’m sorry that I did not see it in my email. I’ll call you later today. Thank you!

      1. i had hoped to receive your call by now.i’ll be home until 3pm today,otherwise lunch time is good.if my machine picks up,please leave your number-i will return your call….alan

  12. i still have not received your call or email.if you would give me your phone,i’d be happy to call you.

    1. Hi, Margo. Thank you for your message. We love hearing from people who know and love Airedales. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application at After we receive your application, one of our volunteers will contact you for a telephone interview and then we’ll schedule a home visit at your convenience. If you are not in our region, please go to and search under Regional Rescue Contacts for someone in your state/region. All of the Airedale groups are regional and we try to keep our placements and applicants in our region. Thank you!

  13. We would like an Airedale to adopt. We would prefer one around 1 year old or there abouts. We have had 2 Airedale’s in the past but both have since died. We have 2 children who are 6 and 10. We live near Asheville, NC, have a large fenced back yard and would consider either a male or female (neutered). Thank you for your consideration!

    1. Hi, Walt. When I emailed you earlier, I had not looked for your application; however, we have not received one from anyone named Claxton in the last 2 weeks. To my knowledge, we’ve not had any issues with our web site and the submission of applications. We’ve gotten several in the last week. When you fill out the application and hit submit, a message will come up that your application was submitted successfully. I can only suggest that you complete another application at Thank you, Walt.

  14. I’d appreciate being considered for a rescue dale. I would consider a male or female. I have had 3 airedales in the last 33 years. I just lost my last Airedale Sophie who was 13 on December 9,2019 My heart and house feel very empty. She came to with some help of Barbara Yeager. My husband and I have no children and no other pets in our home. Whoever comes to us will have all our love and attention. Can lay on the couch , have rides in the car, walks on the beach and never spend time at a kennel. We have much time and love to give. We would prefer a dale who is between 2-6 but will consider others. We have a fenced yard but only 4 foot. My husband works from home usually 3 to 4 days a week and I own my own business and can take my dale to work for visits. We are in Wilmington, NC. Thank you

    JMC emailed her 02-10-2020 to tell her she is approved.

  15. Looking for an adult female Airedale or mix, preferably spayed, as a companion to our two year old neutered male Airedale. Six acres of former farmland in Tennessee mountains. We have raised two Airedale puppies previously and would prefer to give a home to an older girl.
    Please do not sell or share my information.

    1. Hi, Nancy. Thanks for your message. We always love hearing from people who know Airedales. To be considered to adopt from ARG, please visit our web site and fill out an application: One of our volunteers will contact you to go over your application once it is received and learn more about your home and lifestyle. Then, we will ask one of our volunteers to schedule a home visit with you. Once you are approved, we will consider you for any Airedale that would work with your family. We currently have only 1 female in our group and she has some special needs. Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale and we look forward to receiving your application. Jackie Cash

    1. Hi, Walt. Thanks for your message. To be considered for adoption and if you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please go to and click “Adopt” and complete an application. One of our volunteers will contact you to discuss the application. After that we will check your references and arrange a home visit by one of our volunteers. Once you have been approved, we will consider you for any Airedale we have. Thank you for your interest in a rescued Airedale.

  16. Jackie,

    Jennifer Jarman. I was approved for a dog a while back, but my specifications have changed. Is Gizmo still available?

  17. I am from S. Georgia. I have had two Airedales that passed . One female ( NC rescue) one Male I raised from a puppy. I miss them every day, I’m looking for an older Airedale 7+. Male or Female ok . I live on a farm. Large home and yard. I’m older but still in great shape. Travel to beach and mountains.

    1. Good morning, Betty. Thank you for writing. We always love hearing from people who know Airedales. Please fill out our application at and click on “Adopt.” After that one of our volunteers will contact you to go over your application and learn more about your home and life. We’ll then arrange a good time for one of our volunteers to visit you at home — depending on Covid-19 restrictions. When you’re approved to adopt, we’ll consider you for the right Airedale for your situation. Thank you, again, for contacting us. We look forward to receiving your application! Jackie Cash

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