Asher, M-Intact, 3 yr old, Staying with his people

Asher is a beautiful, healthy, happy, intact 3-year-old male Airedale with a dominant personality. He and his mini-poodle brother get along great and play well and sleep together, but Asher likes to be top dog. Asher is crate-trained, house-trained, enjoys grooming, rides well in the car, and loves his humans. He’s not great on leash, and will run if given the chance, but not so bad that a little training wouldn’t help.

Asher has been an inside dog but is now being kept outside most of the time because he gets growly with the 7- and 8-year-old children in the home when they try to play with him. He’s been growly with a couple of adults too and doesn’t take corrections well. We think this is part of his dominant personality. He wants to be the boss with them too. 

He is extremely fearful at the veterinarian, so much so he has not yet been neutered; this is a must. 

Asher needs a patient owner who will work with him and use a trainer who employs only positive-reinforcement, force-free methods, and maintains a consistent routine to develop trust and confidence. He likely will do best in an adult-only home that will set boundaries and provide daily mental and physical stimulation to help him to be the Airedale he is meant to be.

Can you provide Asher an adult-only home?  If the answer is yes, please complete the adoption application. If you have already applied, please contact ARG.