Atlas, 2-1/2yo M/N, ADOPTED OCTOBER 2020

Atlas is looking for a new home. He’s an 80-lb, happy, healthy, dominant boy, who needs a determined owner who will consistently and patiently work with him to curb some of his dominant behavior. He lives with a 5-year-old male Pointer and a young male cocker spaniel. His mom, who didn’t really know much about Airedales, says Atlas plays so rough that her pointer gets tired of it and puts Atlas on the ground, even though Atlas is larger. She’s afraid that the pointer will get hurt.

Atlas likes his 14-y-o human brother and has been around younger kids, but he probably is too rambunctious for small children.

Do you have the patience and the experience to welcome Atlas and work with a trainer to teach him the rules of the house? Do you have a nice big backyard where he can run off some energy? Do you take nice long walks so he will get to sniff and explore and maybe make new friends?

(Oh, and can you tell his current mom is a groomer?)