AUGUSTUS (GUS) Senior Male ADOPTED! April 2017

Gus was found as a stray and no one claimed him. It may be because he was a senior boy who was heart worm positive and had some bad skin issues. Maybe his people just couldn’t afford to take care of him. An all-breed rescue group took him under their wings, got him brought up to date on vaccines, cleaned up, and started him on Doxycycline in preparation for him to be treated for his heart worm infection. We are so thankful for them! Then they contacted ARG. We are happy to take over the care of this sweet, gentle man-Dale, and see to it that he lives the rest of his life in comfort with the love of a family. He loves everyone he meets, but not small dogs or cats.

Gus is recuperating from being on his own and is taking antibiotics for his skin issues (which we’re confident can be cured). He will need to be treated for heart worms and ARG will, of course, pay for that, regardless of where he lives.

Can you open your home and your heart to this senior boy?

11 Replies to “AUGUSTUS (GUS) Senior Male ADOPTED! April 2017”

  1. Hi, I’m interested in Gus. Any idea of what Gus’s energy level will be like when he is well. My husband and I are active and would like a companion

    1. Hi, Katie. Thank you for your interest in Gus. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application to be considered to adopt.

    1. I don’t remember the little town. After his stray hold was up, one of our volunteers who lives in Senaca got him and is fostering him. If you are interested in adopting, you may apply online on this site.

  2. Hello, my father is interested in Gus. He has a 6 year old boxer-pit bull mix. My father is looking for an older fellow who likes to lounge around and cuddle. My father has a back injury so he needs an older dog that is less energetic. My dad would love him like a son and spoil him like a grandchild.

    1. Hi, Robert. We got an application from Francis Ochs. Is that your father? I am going to call him today. Gus might just be the perfect dog for him. Thank you for your post. Jackie Cash.

    1. Yes, Marcus, Gus is available. Where are you located? We adopt only in our region: C, SC, TN, GA, or AL. If you are in our area, please fill out an application to be considered for adoption. Thank you.

  3. I am interested in Gus,I have previously hadwire fox terriers but have always love airedales. I live in Charleston and would love to know more about Gus

    1. Hi, Jane. Thank you for your interest in Gus. Please apply online to be considered for adoption. After we receive your application, one of our volunteers will contact you for an interview. Then we will ask one if our volunteers to conduct your home visit. Once you are approved, we will evaluate any airedale we have in rescue for suitability to your home. Thank you!

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