Banjo, 7-y-o M/N, Adopted November 2020

Because of a change in the foster parents’ home, Banjo is looking for his forever home.

Banjo is a great dog who will do best with a single individual because he doesn’t want to share your attention. He loves to snuggle, loves to wrap himself in a blanket and sleep on the couch with a pillow for his head, of course. He loves his toys. He’s great in the car and loves to take showers. He doesn’t like being dried off that much. HAHA. He loves to go on walks, but needs someone willing to put in the time to teach him not to be so reactive to other dogs. He just wants to go meet them. He is such a great dog – so happy, social, and puppy-like, playing with balls, tossing them into the air and fetching them. He’s 80 lbs but thinks he’s a 10-lb lapdog. He’s great in the house despite having lived mostly outside until 1 year ago.

Banjo is tolerant of cats and small dogs. He lived with small dogs in his original home and in his foster home. He is tolerant even of chickens and horses, but not so tolerant of larger dogs. He’s fine with older children – teenagers – if they spend time with him and walk him, but not so much younger kids.

He’s a good protector and will alert you to anyone who comes near your home.

Banjo had most of his teeth removed last year because of serious neglect, but he’s perfectly content to eat soft food and carries his toys around in his mouth. Banjo has had allergies that cause him to itch and scratch and has been on medication for that, but may not need it long-term. He’s also on Prozac for anxiety and reactivity and that has really helped him. He has seasonal allergies and requires medication. Otherwise, he’s very healthy, up to date on all his vaccines, and is on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

He does know the basic sit, stay, come, and down from an obedience class at Petsmart, but needs consistency to keep in practice. He’s quite smart and he’s a quick learner.

If you’re looking for a sweet, loyal, loving companion, Banjo wants to live with you!