Banjo, 7-y-o M/N, Looking for Forever Home

Because of a change in the foster parents’ home, Banjo is looking for his forever home.

Banjo is a great dog who will do best with a single individual because he doesn’t want to share your attention. He loves to snuggle, loves to wrap himself in a blanket and sleep on the couch with a pillow for his head, of course. He loves his toys. He’s great in the car and loves to take showers. He doesn’t like being dried off that much. HAHA. He loves to go on walks, but needs someone willing to put in the time to teach him not to be so reactive to other dogs. He just wants to go meet them. He is such a great dog – so happy, social, and puppy-like, playing with balls, tossing them into the air and fetching them. He’s 80 lbs but thinks he’s a 10-lb lapdog. He’s great in the house despite having lived mostly outside until 1 year ago.

Banjo is tolerant of cats and small dogs. He lived with small dogs in his original home and in his foster home. He is tolerant even of chickens and horses, but not so tolerant of larger dogs.

He’s a good protector and will alert you to anyone who comes near your home.

Banjo had most of his teeth removed last year because of serious neglect, but he’s perfectly content to eat soft food and carries his toys around in his mouth. Otherwise, he’s very healthy and has had regular vet care, HW prevention, and flea/tick preventative.

He’s fine with older children – teenagers – if they spend time with him and walk him, but not so much younger kids.

He does know the basic sit, stay, come, and down from an obedience class at Petsmart, but needs consistency to keep in practice. He’s quite smart and he’s a quick learner.

If you’re looking for a sweet, loyal, loving companion, Banjo wants to live with you!

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  1. We are interested in learning more about George and Banjo. Live in Statesville NC. Please contact me on my cell at7042360908, text or email.

    1. Hi, Tony. Thank you for your message about George and Banjo. Both are wonderful dogs but with their own particular needs and would require completely different home lives. Banjo is being fostered and should be ready for his forever home soon. George is a different dog altogether. However, we’re getting ahead of the process. Before you can be considered to adopt from ARG, please complete an application on our web site. Then one of our volunteers will contact you to understand more about your family and lifestyle. After the interview, we’ll check your references and have a volunteer near you visit you and your family in your home. If you are approved, we will then match you to the right Airedale. Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale. We look forward to receiving your application.

  2. I am also interested in rescuing Banjo , I had had Airedales continuously from 1975 until 2012 , I have raised two litters with my “dales” and love them to death I lost my last “dale” in 11-30-11 and miss him terribly please give me consideration, Thank You Bob Overfield 716-542-4759

    1. Hi, Bob. Thank you for your message about Banjo. It’s great to hear from people who know and appreciate the breed. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out and submit an application online. One of our volunteers will then contact you for an interview and that will be followed by a home visit by another volunteer. If you are not in our region, please go to to find your regional representative. Thank you.

  3. I lost my airdale to cancer this winter.I have 2 other dogs for him to play with and live in a community that has a 3 1/2 acre fenced dog park .Banjo would be happy here.Incidentally,his name is perfect since I play the banjo.

    1. Good morning, Alan. Thank you for your messages about Banjo and George. I am sorry that you had to say goodbye to your Airedale. It might get confusing to a dog named Banjo if he hears you say, “where’s my banjo”. Haha. Both Banjo are wonderful Airedales with different personalities and needs. To be considered to adopt, please fill out an application under “Adopt” on our web site and one of our volunteers will contact you. Applicants who live in our region — NC, SC, TN, GA, and AL — are given priority for adoption. If you are outside our region, you can go to and search for your state representative under Regional Rescue Contacts. Thank you for your messages.

    1. Hello, Donna. Banjo is being fostered and has been for many months. The foster parents love him and we would only place him in a very special home. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application here on our site to be considered for adoption. Thank you for your message.

      1. I apologize that you got a message sent to Donna Duncan. I’m not sure how that happened. But, we will remove you from our list.

  4. Is Banjo still available for adoption? I understand that he has some sort of special need or a specific type of home. Can you please explain that? Prior to filling out applications, etc… it would be heplful to know if my home is even what you need for him.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Julie. Banjo is in a long-term foster home and we really believe that he will never leave there. Banjo had some health issues, including terrible teeth, most of which have been extracted. He has recovered from that and has bonded with the foster parents. Before you could be considered for adopting, however, we need an application from you. That will be followed by a telephone interview, then if all is good, a home visit. We have many people approved to adopt who are waiting for a ‘dale to fit their homes and lifestyles. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application at Thank you for your message.

  5. Hi, I can’t believe Banjo is still waiting for his home. I’m sure he is a sweet loyal loving companion and he could possibly be a good fit for Andreas and me. I am following up on a application a had sent a few weeks ago. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it. I will gladly resend.

    1. Morning, Carol. Thank you for your follow up to your application. Yes, we did receive it on November 25. One of our volunteers is assigned to contact you. Banjo is still looking, yes, but the foster parents have vacillated between keeping him and letting him be adopted. Looking at your application, I don’t think your home would be the best for him. He is high-energy, despite his age, and very strong-willed. He is a handful on leash and doesn’t like other dogs. He has some separation anxiety and being alone up to 6 hours would not work for him. Currently, the foster mom works from home and they have a nice fenced yard for him. Once you’ve been interviewed, we’ll then schedule a home visit, and then when you are approved, we will consider you for any Airedale that would fit with your home and lifestyle. Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale and thank you for your patience. Jackie

  6. Hi Jackie, I think I sent our application to you a couple of days ago and hope you received it okay. Please let us know when convenient for you. Our late Airedale Sophie was a great dog and friend. Hope everything works out for you and the dogs!
    Walt Claxton
    Swannanoa, NC
    828 337-8445

    1. Morning, Walt. Thank you for your messages about adopting and specifically about Banjo. We believe that he will end up staying with the couple who is fostering him. He has some challenges with behavior that we’re working on right now. He had to have most of his teeth extracted but has healed very well from that. We will review your application and one of our volunteers will contact you. Once you are approved then you can be considered for the right Airedale. Thank you so much for your love of Airedales. Jackie Cash

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