Banjo is a talking boy!

Banjo loves to be with his foster family and to make sure he is aware of all the happenings in the house.  His young Airedale sister Zoe, who is hosting him as a foster, is very active and playful and Banjo likes to keep up with her but if he needs a break, he is happy to go and curl up and sleep.  If Banjo finds himself bored, his inner young Airedale comes out and he will find something to play with – a toy, person, Zoe….or even paper from trash can!  He loves to be brushed.

Banjo communicates a lot through his voice.  He loves to hear himself talk.  Even in his sleep – he seems to have barky conversations.  He talks when he is read to eat when ready to sleep, when it is time to get up, go out, come in, He talks when the TV makes a noise, when someone walks in or out of the room. He talks when he  goes for a drive in the car and when watching Zoe and the other sibling dogs of the house play.