Barbara Lawson

Director, Emeritus

Why do I volunteer? I still claim it was accidental, but the aire-stars must have been in alignment that day many years ago. I had more time than money and was looking for a way to spend my currency. Two days later I had my first two fosters.

I have lost track of how many more came along the rescue road to what came to be known as the Athens Rehab Ranch. Some goodbyes were more difficult than others, but what makes my heart sing is the “happy tails” we hear and see when the right match is made. Yes, I’m one of the ones who asks all those probing personal questions.

Despite having relocated to extreme northern New York, my rescue heart is still in the south. Thanks to the internet and phone, I am still able to assist. The rewards of volunteering for me are a toss-up between the incredible people I have met and cherish as friends, and knowing we have made all the difference in the lives of a needy Airedale and a loving and caring new family.

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