Baxter, 7 yrs, M/N, ADOPTED August 2020!

Baxter was dropped at the Forsyth Humane Society and came into Airedale Rescue.

He’s 7 years old. He doesn’t look that old, but there’s a lot of hair there. Per owner, he climbs over their pointed wooden fence and he came in with a 1-inch puncture wound that is consistent with that type of injury. It was draining and swollen with blood and pus. He is on antibiotics and pain meds and has had the appropriate vaccines. 
Baxter is getting along great with the 2 residents dogs. He is playing bitey face with the younger dog in the foster home and with some of the toys. He is housebroken (no accidents) and loves to be around humans!!! He has not been crated; he took a look at it and slept across the room from it as if to say, I do not need it!!!
Baxter is a real sweetheart and is ready for his new home.