Bella-Jo, 5y10mo F/S, ADOPTED OCTOBER 2019

Bella-Jo is available for adoption because her mom became too ill to care for her, so she went to live with Mom’s daughter. She likes other dogs, but her new home already has two young dogs — a pit-bull and a Rottweiler and they are too high-energy for her. 

Bella-Jo is very sweet-natured, affectionate, and loves people, and is even ok with C*TS, but she will not do well in a home with children younger than about 12. 

Bella-Jo has lived as an inside dog with access via dog-door to a nice yard, is good on leash, loves to go for rides in the car, and has gone through obedience training. She’s healthy, spayed, and up to date on all her vaccines. She could use a professional grooming, couldn’t she?

All Bella-Jo needs is YOU!



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  1. What area of NC is she located? We are considering adopting again and adopting Bella Jo may be a possibility for us.

    1. Hi, Jeff. Thanks for your message. Bella-Jo is in the Fayetteville area. If you are interested in adopting an Airedale, please fill out an application online. We are evaluating several approved applicants who may be right for Bella-Jo. After we receive your application, one of our volunteers will contact you for an interview, then we’ll check your vet and other references, and if everything is good, we’ll have one of our volunteers contact you to visit your home. We look forward to receiving your application. Thank you! Jackie

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