Belle, Female-Spayed, 7 yrs old, GA, Airedale Rescue Group, ADOPTED July 2021

Belle is a 7 yr old female, spayed Airedale about 70 pounds looking for a home of her own. She prefers a home with no other dogs and has never been around children. Older children (teenagers) would likely be OK. Cats are not suggested. She wants to have your undivided attention and be the Princess of her Palace.
Her foster mom Alli writes: Belle’s best life is a home where she is the star and has no competition. She is the most fun, sweet, cuddly, perfectly stubborn, and clever, can catch any ball or frisbee you throw at her, and will love you forever and ever. She’s perfect. Just delightful. She’s an Airedale through and through, so lots of energy and mischievous and utterly, utterly devoted.
She is in all other ways much calmer, knows where her bowl is, and is comfortable with the schedule. She sleeps (in dead cockroach position…the ultimate in comfort!) on multiple memory foam beds throughout the house. Her challenges are the possessiveness she demonstrates to any human presence, especially me (foster mom), and ownership over anything she considers to be hers–which is consistently what any of the other two girls (Airedales) think is a safe space for them. She is very active and in much, much better health than when she arrived. I’m so pleased with how well her skin has recovered and she is resting well instead of scratching and whining constantly from discomfort.
So basically, Belle is a perfectly wonderful Airedale who has been through a tough time, lost her human, and was left on her with the two other Airedales that have found their forever homes. She simply needs to have focused attention and love and, because of her completely understandable insecurities, Belle has a very strong personality and seeks leadership.
I love Belle. She is a delight. And if she was my only baby, you would be hard-pressed to pry her from my arms. She and Tilda simply do not like each other on some fundamental level. Belle could absolutely thrive as the center of someone’s universe. I would love, love, love to see that for Belle ❤. She is my cuddle buddy and is constantly by my side, and it’s so very lovely. But also, she just craves human interaction and will snuggle up to whatever human in the room can give her focused attention.
Are you the person or family that can give Belle the undivided affection she deserves? If you are an approved applicant with Airedale Rescue Group or a prior adopter ready for a new family member, please email us at  If you live in NC, SC, GA, TN or AL please complete an application to adopt. Once we have your application a volunteer will be assigned to assist you and will be in touch with you.