Beowolfe – Adopted Nov 2012

Oh Beowolfe! You are the sweetest boy and it breaks my heart to know your familiy’s love for you, yet to seek ARG and find you a new home and family.  We are so thankful that they trust ARG to find you a new family.
Beo says did you say something?????

Bewolfe is humorous and and fun and smart! (Airedale characteristics!). He loves to play and is very exuberant. He will let you know if he needs something by nudging or flipping your arm up with is snout. He is also very affectionate and makes a great guard dog. Beo loves children and he is drawn to their excitement and joy. He is an inside dog but due to his jumping on guests, he goes outside to his fenced yard when visitors come over. He loves other dogs of all sizes.  Beo is full of personality.  A few weeks in foster care and he has his foster mom in stitches over his antics and humor.  You can tell that Beo came from a loving family, his personality is very developed.  Big personality!
Beo is looking for a strong leader to teach him “no” and right from wrong. Beo needs someone to train him properly. He has not received formal obedience but Beo would thrive in an obedience class.  Beo is housebroken and knows his house training manners.  However, he is still a puppy and tends to chew anything when he is not occupied with a toy or bone or watched.  He needs continued training on leash walking too – but once he gets that down, he will be a great walking partner.
As stated above, Beo needs strong training.  He is known to counter surf and even open the counter drawers and find what would be fun for him?  He is also an escape artist if he can get out the door.  He will need a very cautious owner who is careful about doors, gates and ins and outs.  Beo does not have a recall command – he just keeps running away from  you.  The recall command is the most important in obedience training….but also the most difficult.  Beo would love to be trained and learn new things.
Beo is a good looking dog but he has not learned to love grooming.  He will need a patient groomer to teach him that it is ok to be clipped and nails trimmed and of course brushing.
Beo is born 11/13/2010. He is 90 lbs. He is up to date on his shots, microchipped and heartorm negative. He has been neutered. He is on monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventative.  Beo was diagnosed with a condition called: Elbow Hygroma.  The doctor has  simply encouraged his owners to allow him to lie on soft surface.  Since Beo loves to lie on beds, couches, soft spots – this is a very simple direction to follow.
Beo is not a dog that can live with cats.
Beo is tired, has his bone and wants to be with family.
Look what I found says Beo!