Birkdale – Adopted by foster family

Loves the beach and going to the mountains, long walks with his owner…, what a life!  Birkdale has always had a wonderful life with his owners and family of other dogs and cats.  He must find a new home at the age of 8 years old and that can be tough. However, Birkdale has ARG in his corner and ARG will find Birkdale the best home ever!  Birkdale is a gentle boy and he gets along with everyone.     He livesd with a Schnauzer and cat in perfect harmony.  When his owner is away, he stays inside the house and behaves very nicely.  He goes on long walks and his only fault is that he pulls a little when he gets excited.  Birkdale uses a gentle leader and he walks perfectly.  Birkie follows you everywhere in the house.  As soon as he knows where you are going to be, he will lie down and rest and watch you.  He loves to snuggle up on the couch or on his dog bed.   He is 49 lbs.   If you are interested in adopting Birkdale, please apply.

6/9 Birkie has proven to be nervous around very young children. Fine with those over 10 years or so, especially those who are used to being around dogs.