Bo, age 8 y/o, Adopted 9/2013

Bo is a gentle giant with perfect house manners. He has lived with dogs of various ages and sizes and Bo is respectful of everyone. He loves a Kong – he is an expert at cleaning out all of the good stuff packed into a Kong. Bo is a great leash walker and used to living in a tourist town where he meets lots of people and dogs. Bo does like to lie on furniture but he will get off when told to move. He is a late sleeper in the mornings but if you are ready to get out the door, then Bo is very flexible and will accommodate any schedule.

Bo is not a typical male. He doesn’t mark and he is left loose in the house at night and when he is by himself. Bo is even learning to use a dog door! Imagine 90 lbs going through that small door but it is possible.

He’s a delightful guy–obedient, affectionate, fun loving. He is fostering with two young Portuguese Water dogs and he Loves playing with the Porties. The only knock on him is a little possessiveness.

He is 92 lbs of love, although his veterinarian has advised him to be 85 lbs. Bo has had 4 cases of seasonal alopecia over his life time. Whether this is seasonal or stress induced, it is not harmful to Bo and it has been cared for by taking melatonin. Bo is HW negative, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. Bo is also neutered.