Buddy, 6-1/2 yo M/N, NC

Buddy is a beautiful Airedale-boy, about 75 lbs., in good health, athletic, and loves to fetch a frisbee as long as you’ll toss it. Going somewhere? He loves riding in the car and even loves grooming. But that’s as far as we’ll go to paint a rosy picture of this Airedale boy. 

Buddy doesn’t like other dogs. We don’t know why that is, but it’s the reason his parents are giving him up. 

Buddy needs a home with no other dogs or small children, because he is a “resource guarder.” That means he doesn’t want anyone getting between him and his food, his toys, his people, his territory. Whatever he’s guarding, he will protect it and will try to injure any other dog that he deems a threat. (We believe this behavior will apply to small children as well.)

Buddy needs someone who is Airedale experienced and knows how to use positive-reinforcement, non-aversive training techniques so that he learns that he doesn’t need to be so protective of his things.  

In the short-term, we would like to place Buddy in a foster home without other dogs, cats, or children. If you have successfully trained or otherwise helped turn around other dogs with undesirable traits like Buddy’s, please consider helping ARG help this sweet, affectionate Airedale. 

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  1. Hello! We are interested in Buddy but want to know more about him guarding and being territorial. We have a fence and no cats or other dogs. We do have middle to older children who would love to play with him. In his behavior, we would like to know if he does bite regularly. We would love to also see more pictures of him if possible! We are very active and would love to know more about Buddy.

    1. Good morning, Alison. He has bitten other dogs, not people, but the owners are concerned that he will bite their grandchildren. As to middle or older children, if they are dog-savvy with large dogs and understand he has been unpredictable. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. If you live in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please submit an application at our web site under “Adopt.” One of our volunteers will then contact you for an interview and that will be followed by reference checks, and a home visit when appropriate. If you are approved to adopt, we would, of course, provide all the info we have on Buddy. Thank you for contacting us and for considering a rescued Airedale.

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