Buddy, age 1.5 Adopted by Foster Family

Buddy is a young Airedale boy who is so much fun and so smart! Buddy is alway so happy, he loves everyone.  He has really taken a liking to his foster family, following them everywhere and waiting by his Dad’s chair for him.  He is a quick learner and really wants to please. He is a great dog who just needs a leader – yes, Airedales really need a leader or they are so smart, they will take charge. In just the short time in ARG care, he has learned a few obedience rules of the household. Buddy is very trainable and is learning, wait, stay, and knows sit. Buddy knows that he is not allowed on furniture and he respects the house rules – another plus for Buddy! He is a crate trained boy – a huge bonus for a young ‘dale! Buddy is also very playful. He loves to play ball – if you throw, he will fetch and he loves the bonding that he has with humans as he is playing.
He has an Airedale sense of humor. He takes his foster mom’s sandals and with a smile on his face brings them to her.

He is learning how to play with toys. He loves his Kong when it is stuffed with treats or his dinner/breakfast. He takes his toys with him into his crate at night. And he takes them out one by one on the morning.

 He is housebroken.

We know that Buddy is not a cat friendly ‘dale. No cat households please.

Buddy weighs 54 lbs. He is up to date on all vaccines and he is neutered. Sadly, Buddy has heartworm which ARG will pay for this treatment when we get him in a new home. Heartworm treatment takes about 2-3 mos, with quiet/crate time a must and lots of leash walks. Please don’t let this treatment time intimidate you – it will go by quickly and lots of ARG coaching along the way.