Carly, ~4 y-o Female, ADOPTED November 2017

Carly has a story, but she’s not telling us much. She wandered up to a home in south-central TN about 6 months ago, no tags, no chip, not starving, not sick, just lost and on her own. No one seemed to be looking for her, but she fit right in with the finder’s other dogs, including a Yorkie-mix and even got along with the cats.

The vet estimates that she’s about 4 years old and had been neglected a long time. She had a couple of tumors that had to be removed; fortunately, they were benign. She had some skin issues that have cleared up with good food and great care (and baths!). She was a bit on the thin side at 55 pounds but is putting on weight appropriately. She probably should be around 65 pounds.

Carly is with one of our most-experienced foster moms in Nashville and has made herself at home. She is a very sweet girl, who loves car rides, loves playing with the foster mom’s 1-year-old male Airedale, and wants to be beside you so she gets lots of pets.

Carly has a little arthritis in her spine that makes her favor her right back leg, but after a thorough exam and x-rays, the vet said she is fine for regular exercise and long walks, but she wouldn’t be a good candidate for agility games. She probably shouldn’t live in a house where she has to climb stairs a lot. The vet recommends good joint supplements and she’ll be a great companion for a long time.

Maybe Carly is the one you’ve been waiting for.