Carrie, 1-1/2-y-o F/S, ADOPTED JUNE 2019

We’d like to introduce you Carrie, a 1-1/2-year-old Aire-girl. She is looking for a home where she will get lots of personal attention and will have the company of another dog about her size – 55 pounds. She hasn’t had the socialization with people that she should have but is accustomed to living with other dogs and having her person near her all day. She has been living on a farm and spends a lot of time outside, but she loves to be inside with her person.
Her foster mom says Carrie loves to run and play especially in the mornings, and thinks it’s a really fun game to run after a Frisbee, grab it, and NOT bring it back to you. (That’s so Airedale!) She instead wants to chew on it. (She needs some strong chew toys!) With a little work, you can teach her to always bring it back so she can chase it again. Treats will undoubtedly help.
Although Carrie is a bit shy and reticent at first, she definitely wants to bond with her person and loves to nuzzle your hand and be petted and get ear rubs; she’s a real cuddle-bug. She will walk on leash reluctantly, but with patience and practice, she will learn that it’s fun and interesting. On the farm, when she was bored, she would try to dig out and run away, so she needs a very secure fence and cannot be left unattended even in a fenced yard. She’s ok with grooming and fine in the car.
She has never been around children, but older ones would probably be okay, as long as they know not to startle her. She shouldn’t be around cats or small fluffy dogs.
Is your home the one for Carrie?