Champion – ADOPTED

What a gorgeous, little happy fella Champion is. You can tell by the unstoppable wagging of that natural tail of his. Champion is a rare combination for us in rescue: he is AKC standard sized at just 51 pounds.

His background is sketchy. He was found by a man at the end of September or early October in a ditch after having been hit by a car. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury to his left front leg, which was left untreated, and he has a noticeable limp and he favors that leg when he’s sitting upright or standing. He seems to have adjusted to this injured leg even though the vets believe he is in pain. He just came into rescue on April 3 and has been evaluated by a regular veterinarian and now a board-certified, veterinary orthopedic surgeon. His forearm (ulna) is completely dislocated (luxated) to the outside of his upper arm (humerus). He will require corrective surgery and restrictive crate rest and rehabilitation after his surgery.

This little guy is a love-bug. He loves everyone he meets and is friendly to every dog he sees. They may bark gruffly at him, but he just wags and waits. He has not been tested with cats, but at his young age, we believe he could be taught to be c*t tolerant. Though we haven’t tested him yet with children, we believe he will be a very gentle boy. He is untrained, but we’re working on that. He will sit, but that’s about all and he needs work to walk well on leash.

Gentle Champion will be someone’s heart dog for the next 10-12 years. But, first we have to get him well. Please consider donating to help us get Champion the best care he can get. And, if you want to be considered to be his mom or dad, fill out an application and let us know.