Chauncey, 9 yr old, M/N, Charlotte NC, Airedale Rescue Group, Rainbow Bridge

Sadly, Chauncey has two grand mal seizures the evening of May 2 and was humane euthanized.   This is never the outcome we think about when a senior dog is adopted.  We are so thankful to his family for loving him during this very short time and allowing him to give all the Airedale love he had to share.  This is truly a loss.

Chauncey was adopted earlier in 2021 but due to circumstances beyond his control, he is in the market for a new forever home.  He is a 9-year-old boy, sweet, gentle with small dogs, children, and people. He recently had a seizure of unknown origin. There is no way to know whether it will happen again or not. This was just too close to what the family recently went through with an Airedale they lost. That coupled with a change in the job taking his people away from home for more hours leaves Chauncey packing his bags. 

Age 9.5, DOB 8/11/2011
Gender Male – Neutered
Weight 63 pounds
Microchip Yes
Heartworm Negative
History I was surrendered to ARG earlier this year and found a home quickly.  Recently I had a seizure of unknown origin and it is just too hard for my people to see after experiencing this with a prior Airedale.  That and a new job is keeping people away from home for too many hours. 
Crate-Trained Yes, I will use one.
Fence A fenced yard would be preferred but I love walks!
Children I am a kind gentle soul and like to say hello to the children in my neighborhood when I am on walks.
Cats I have not been with cats but I am so sweet and gentle so maybe it will be ok.
Other The seizure happened about 3 weeks ago and bloodwork and urinalysis do not show any cause. It may be once and done or he could have another seizure. Monitoring and a veterinary follow-up would be appropriate. 

If you are an approved adopted interested in Chauncey or live in AL, GA, NC, SC or TN and have a loving place for him to call home, please contact ARG at