Chewbacca, Male-N, 3 yrs old, GA, Airedale Rescue Group ADOPTED August 2021

Chewbacca is just over 3 years old and needs a home with a good dog leader.  He seems not to respect females or almost teenage children in the home and finds himself needing to have a new place to live.   Chewy is 67 pounds and ARG will be comfirming his veterinary needs. 

Chewy is housetrained, gets plenty of walks and outdoor time in his large fenced yard, but when he sees other dogs on his walk he tends to be reactive to other dogs when on leash, but can be controlled or redirected (barks, lunges).  He tolerates grooming, is a good car rider and good eater.  He is afraid of loud noises, is crate trained (wire crate) and sleeps in his crate overnight.   Like many Airedale he is know to be a hole digger, barks when someone new enters the home, would do best in an adult only home without another male dog or cats.  Chewy has never been around cats.

If you are an approved adopter with ARG and you would like to give this boy his forever home, please contact us at  If you are interested in Chewy and live in AL, GA, NC, SC or TN, please complete an adoption application at Adoption Application – Airedale Rescue Group