Huey, Male-N, 4 yrs old, Airedale Rescue Group-NC ADOPTED JULY 2022

Huey is just almost 4 years old and needs a home with a good dog leader.  He does not respect people who will not give him direction and set boundaries and because of his attitude has been returned to ARG and is looking for a new home.  Huey is almost 70 pounds. 

Like many Airedales, he is known to be a hole digger if left to his own devices, barks when someone new enters the home, is best in an adult-only home without another male dog or cats.  Huey has never been around cats.  Huey is with a trainer in NC and she tells us “Huey is doing well! He gets a bit push and mouthy once he feels comfortable. We are working with him daily.  He behaves like a wild man some days – which means that he is comfortable. Huey needs reality checks frequently but is receiving a lot of redirection and positive reinforcement and praise. Huey is a good dog,;  he is wild but not uncontrollable and he is happy, exuberant, and joyful wild.

If you are an approved adopter with ARG and you would like to give this boy his forever home, please contact us at  If you are interested in adopting and live in AL, GA, NC, SC or TN, please complete an adoption application at Adoption Application – Airedale Rescue Group