Chief, 3-y-o M/N, ADOPTED MARCH 2019

Chief’s family has made a hard decision to seek a new home for him because he has exhibited some behavior recently that they have not been able to correct. The family’s 90-year-old grandmother has moved in, and although she likes Chief and he likes her, he wants to follow her and nip at or “mouth” her hands and arms. This is an accident waiting to happen.

He does well with the family’s female lab but does want to be the boss. They have another male dog, a mix, that he tries to be dominant over and there is occasional fighting between the two. There are two young boys in the home, ages 6 and 8, and Chief mostly ignores them, but is jealous if one of the boys is paying attention to the other male dog. The combination of fighting with the male dog and being mouthy with the grandmother makes it necessary for him to find another home.

Chief is a super smart Airedale but can be pretty stubborn at times. (What, an Airedale? Stubborn?) He is a fun-loving guy and knows basic obedience — sit, stay, here, leave it, etc., walks well on leash, loves to ride in the car, and loves to romp and play. He’s an inside dog and has been trained to an electric fence. He’s crate trained and house broken.

His mom says he listens well to her but does not listen well to others. He loves to run and play and chase squirrels, but he also loves to be inside with his person.  Chief loves to play with other dogs but wants to be the boss!

Chief will do best in a home that’s a bit quieter, perhaps a laid-back female dog, and children of 10 or above, where he can get lots of play time and attention. Do you have the experience and patience to teach Chief to be a well-adjusted member of your family?