Clyde in South Carolina- ADOPTED

We don’t know why Clyde ended up in a shelter in South Carolina; he says he’ll tell us all about it some day, but we know that he is ready for his forever home. He is being fostered by an experienced ARG family with 2 Airedales of their own, a male and female, and he’s responding appropriately, relishing his hugs, strolling the perimeter of the yard with his bro’ and sis’, and getting along great with everyone.

Clyde will be quite a delightful dog for his new forever family.  The vet estimates he’s somewhere between 2 and 4 years old and that rich-colored coat attests to that. He has a stubby little tail that he wags so much you just want to take him into your arms!  He’s affectionate but not obnoxious; he’s not a jumper. He likes his ‘major hug outs’ like his brother-dale, but does not appear to be overly needy. We don’t know how he is with children, but we think he’d be fine as he is very calm and independent.

We’re learning more about him every day and want to find just the right home for him. Is that your home?