Daisy, 2-y-o Female, ADOPTED OCT. 2017

Daisy is an independent, athletic Aire-girl, born Jan. 5, 2015, so 20 months old. Daisy has lived outside, going where she chooses, running up the mountains, chasing away bears. She has not known the comfort and security of living inside a home with her humans. She had a litter of pups with a neighbor dog this summer, but has now been spayed.

She is skittish and timid with most people and never really warmed up to her dad though he loved her. However, if he was petting the other family dog, she would come to him for pets. Interesting, huh? She’s much more comfortable with other dogs than she is with humans. In fact, we believe she needs another dog in the home to be happy.

The family has a 2-year-old son, so she’s known him since he was an infant. She tolerates his tugging at her beard and shows no aggression to him whatsoever. She has never shown any aggression to anyone or any animal.

Daisy will need to be fostered to learn house manners and to learn that humans are her friends. She would be an escape risk and must always be in a secure area inside and out.

Do you have the time and the patience to help Daisy become the Airedale she was meant to be? At less than 2 years old, she has many years to become your heart dog.