Darby, 1-1/2 y o Male, AL adopted 6/2016

Darby is a lucky boy. When he was abandoned by his family, he turned up at a great shelter that contacted Airedale Rescue Group for help. He had been on his own for a while, fending for himself, and had a bad case of Demodex mange, but he was heart worm negative! He’s been undergoing treatment for the mange and other parasites and eating high-quality food to put some weight on. He’s about 50 lbs and will probably fill out to around 60.

As for his personality, well, what can we say? He’s an Airedale. He has lots of energy and loves everyone. He wants your attention for sure and will play and romp to let you know it. When he goes out for his exercise, he does play-bows at the dogs across the fence and runs along trying to play with them. He has shown no aggression toward them at all. We don’t know how he will be with small dogs or c*ts or with small children, but we know that being so young he is highly trainable. And Airedales really thrive with positive, consistent training.

ARG will pay for any further mange treatments he may need. And, no demodex mange is NOT contagious.

Will you give Darby a chance at a life of love?