Dash, 8-y-o M/N, ADOPTED 10-18-19!!

Dash is a handsome senior Airedale who rolls over for tummy rubs and loves to snuggle and be with his people. His best non-human buddy is a 9-y-o pit-bull/pointer mix and they love to romp and play together. They sometimes argue over their “blankie” but Dash usually lets Dooley take it. Dash is good with C*TS even! They have 3 and he pays no attention to them! Seriously!

Dash loves to ride in the car and does great with mom grooming him. He’s a healthy active boy who enjoys playing fetch in the backyard but is not that great on leash. He lives with a couple or teenagers but we don’t know how he is with young children. 

Dash is a happy boy except during thunder storms, lightning, and strong winds. He hates the noise of gun shots, nail guns, and other noisy construction equipment. Unfortunately, the family has a construction business and Dash has to endure these noises. The vet prescribed some anti-anxiety meds for him, but he still becomes very anxious.

Dash needs a home in a quiet area where he would not have to experience the noise of gun shots or construction noise. As far as storms, he does seem to do better if he is in a room with no windows. 

Can you provide the environment for Dash that would be free of these anxiety-evoking noises? He’s ready to go to his new home.


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    1. Hi, Victoria. Thanks for your message. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application here on our site under “Adopt/Adoption Application.” One of our volunteers will contact you within a few days to discuss your application and your living situation. Thank you for your interest in Dash.

  1. Hi Jackie,

    We live right outside of Bristol, TN on the VA side but I noticed that VA isn’t listed in your region. Would we still be able to fill out an application for one of your available Dales?

    1. Good morning, Hannah. Yes. We would be happy to receive your application. We also work closely with Airedale Terrier Rescue of the Virginias, http://www.atrva.com. So, you’re covered either way. All of the Airedale rescue organizations are regional but we cooperate when we can. Thank you for your message, and we look forward to receiving your application.

  2. I’ve put in an application and I’m waiting to hear from someone. I’m interested in adopting Dash. I’m in South Carolina.

    1. Thank you, Melody. Yes, we have received your application. One of our volunteers will contact within a week or so. I hope you are safe in SC with Dorian bearing down. Thank you for your interest in Dash and thank you for your patience.

  3. Jackie, is Dash still available? We are interested, and would be happy to travel to pick him up. We have an application into the VA Airedale group, and have had a home visit from the VA Airedale rescue group. We have a pretty quiet household which may suit Dash nicely. Mark and Joan

    1. Hi, Mark. We have an adoption pending on Dash for a person within our region. We appreciate your willingness to travel to get Dash. If for some reason, this adoption does not go through, I will contact you. Thank you, again. Jackie

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