Dax, < 1 year old, ADOPTED

ARG was notified about a male Airedale, shown in a photo chained outside, who was being sold by his owner for $200. With the help of an all-breed rescue group in Scottsboro, AL, we agreed to purchase the dog to get him away from this terrible situation.

A volunteer in AL picked up the Airedale from its owner who told the volunteer that the dog wasn’t kept chained up, it was just that once in the photo, and he had a kennel to live in outside. The owner also told our volunteer that the Airedale was 6 months old but they hadn’t named him – just called him Dumb-Dumb. Our volunteer handed over the $200 and the owner turned her back and walked back in her house.

Whew. We had him and he is safe! Our volunteer, a young man who trains search and rescue and drug-sniffing dogs, immediately named the Aire-Boy Dax and took him to a groomer who had seen the posts on Facebook and offered to bathe and groom Dax for free.

The before photos and the after photos are telling. Most telling is the way Dax responded to the love and attention of our volunteer and the groomer. He slept in the house with them that night, maybe the first time he’d been clean and comfortable since he was a puppy with his mother.

Dax has been brought up to date on all his vaccinations, neutered, and is being fostered by the volunteer who rescued him. Oh, and he’s heart worm negative. The vet believes that Dax is actually between 10-12 months old, not 6 months as the owner said.


Oh, and did we mention – he’s a sweetheart.