Dixie, age 5, adopted 12/2014

12/2014 update – Dixie was in heat when she came into ARG. She fostered with a family during this time. She was spayed and she will be adopted by the family who cared for her during her foster period. Great news for Dixie!

Dixie is so sweet and has been so loved her entire life. She is a rambunctious and active girl. Always excited about everything, even a new object in a room can excite Dixie but all in good love and happiness. She loves being spoiled so that is a requirement for her new family.

Dixie is crate trained at night and she sleeps in her crate quietly. She gets up in the morning and has a little treat, then goes outside to her yard and then comes in for breakfast.

She is 65 lb and up to date on vaccines.