Eli, Male, 8 yr old, GA Airedale Rescue Group – ADOPTED

Eli is looking for his new home for the holidays. He is 8 years young and will be neutered on 12/6/21 and will be ready to move after that. He is up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm prevention.
Eli is a very handsome dog in the prime of his life weighing in around 80 pounds. He was obtained as a puppy and lived with his family for 8 years, DOB 4/4/2013. Eli was returned to the breeder after he was attacked when on a leash by 2 off-leash German Shepherds. Since that attack, Eli has been reactive on a leash to other male dogs. The family recently had a baby, and the wife does not trust having Eli around the infant.
Eli is currently in an outdoor run with the breeder in central GA. When on walks he is good when he meets children, although is reactive to other dogs. He is a sound dog, not jumpy, nervous, or easily intimidated. He is housebroken but has been outside for the past 4-5 months in the outdoor run so a few reminders in a home environment would be advised. He may resource guard his toys, but that is he will let go of anything he has with the command, “Leave it”. He is a sweet dog once he gets to know u, (you know Airedales take a little longer than other breeds to change hands). He rides in the car well. He will stand for a bath and grooming, a little sensitive around his head and feet, but not too bad.
Eli needs an experienced owner who is willing to work with him on his leash reactivity. Older children (teenagers >13 will be considered). Cats are an unknown.
Eli will be considered for an out of region adoption (other than AL, GA, NC, SC and TN) within a reasonable driving distance for transport. The adopter will need to drive a leg of the transport to meet him. You must be approved adopted through an Airedale rescue.