Ellie, age 1, Adopted 1/2014

Ellie is a one year old Airedale girl who seeks a new family who is ready for a lively, fun spirited, active girl. Of course, all characteristics of a young ‘dale

Ellie loves to play ball and will burn off energy when she plays in the backyard. She likes to catch and retrieve back to you. She is very very smart! She is bitey in her play mannerisms so she would not be appropriate for small children as she doesn’t know her size. She is a Velcro dog and will bond with man or woman.

While in foster care, Ellie has quickly learned a few obedience commands. Her foster mom started her on clicker training with treat, and Ellie sits for tiny treat.(She got it on the second try! She learned so quickly). She’s a pleaser and scary smart.

Sh does need a home who has rules, no biting no jumping and discipline time to play or walk three times a day.

Ellie was recently shaved down as she came into ARG very matted. Currently she has to wear a coat outside – so chilly! It will grow back and she will be beautiful.

Ellie is good in crate while you are at work (except nothing like bedding or rugs in the crate, she will eat). In her prior life, her owners worked and she spent a lot of time in the crate. Crate is a safe place for her when she is not watched.

Ellie cannot be with smaller dogs or cats. If with another dog her size, she needs strong leadership to show who is in charge.

Ellie is 48 lbs, spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm preventative