Ellie Mae – Adopted 9/2012

Sweet as banana pudding on a summer day!  Ellie Mae is very friendly,  but is independent, so wants your love on her terms.  She is happy lying down on the floor near you and giving you a bump when she wants loved on.  While not a fan of having the top of her head “patted,” she loves being scratched under her ears and down her jaw.  Ellie Mae loves to play and romp with other dogs (both male and female) and is very friendly with humans.  She is heartworm negative and has been spayed.  She stands quietly when having her hair cut with clippers, even around her face.  She rides well in the car…a little restless at first, but eventually lies down and relaxes.
Beautiful Ellie Mae
She is fully housebroken.  She will need some obedience training as she does not have an understanding of the basics (we are trying though).  She is somewhat stubborn, if you want her to move right, she will push left…mind of her own.   Ellie Mae is not a barker, but does let out a somber “groan” every once in a while when she sleeps.  She is a little “skittish” when there are sudden movements or if you bring a large object into the room, behind her but that could be the newness of the foster environment.  She is leery of stick type objects (brooms/shovels) but NOT afraid of them.  She will easily come to you if you have a broom or shovel in your hand
Ellie Mae is excited during feeding time, but takes her time to eat her food.  She is a “distracted” eater, often moving away from her bowl to look for her human or see what the other dogs are doing.
She is not fearful of other dogs older than her.  When  her host sister Trudy was carrying a Nylabone outside, Ellie Mae walked right beside Trudy and clamped onto the bone while in Trudy’s mouth.  Ellie Mae loves having her two Aire siblings for play.  She is very active since she is so young.  She plays a lot with Trudy and she TRIES to play with her older brother Porter but he prefers that the girls play and he supervises. Based on her love of her foster sibling Trudy, Ellie Mae would be best in a home with another dog that she could play with and bond with .  She just thrives on her relationship with Trudy.
Trudy & Ellie Mae (rt). Very good friends.
Ellie Mae is crate trained.  She is up to date on shots, heartworm negative, microchippped and spayed.  She is estimated to be right around 1 year old.  She is 45 lbs.   Ellie is an active and young puppy.  She has received training and manners in her foster home but she’ll need continued focused training.  She is young and really needs that ongoing consistent instruction for success.
Ellie Mae on her first night in foster care. Notice her young puppy head of hair. Her foster dad groomed her and a beautiful young lady emerged!