Gator, 14-mo-old Male, NC adopted January 2016

Gator was given up by his owners because they couldn’t devote enough time to him and he was dominant over their female Airedale. They had intended to breed Gator and their female, but when the owner discovered that he was not going to be able to retire as he planned, he decided he didn’t have enough time for two Airedales and puppies.

Gator has a great personality – you can see the light in his eyes. He is a sweet, loving boy, and very loyal to his person. As a youngster, he, of course, has lots of energy and is very intelligent. He’ll love training with a strong leader who can spend quality time with him and teach him the basics. He can be a bit territorial and dominant to other animals, so he needs someone to teach him to play well with others and make it fun!

Gator will make someone the best dog of their lives.