Harper, 1-1/2-y-o Female, ADOPTED 08-01-18

Harper is a very happy, beautiful Airedale who enjoys being petted and romping in the backyard. She’s spayed, up to date on all her vaccines, and in good general health. She’s housebroken, good in the crate, doesn’t jump, doesn’t bark excessively, doesn’t get on the furniture, loves to go on walks, is good on leash, enjoys being talked to (and sometimes will even talk back!), and she loves car rides, especially if an ice cream treat is involved.

So, why is Harper looking for a new home? Harper lives with two other Airedales – one male and one female. She’s always been dominant to them, but now she will grab them on the neck if they are bothering her. Her mom is afraid this will escalate and one of her ‘dales will get hurt.

Harper can also be very timid and afraid. She loves her mom and is okay with dad, but most men scare her. She is great with kids, including the 5- and 7-year-old children and two teenagers in the home.

Harper has an issue with her gait. When she runs, she bunny hops on her back legs, rather than the usual scissors movement. She has been seen by more than one vet, but they can find nothing wrong with her, just that she’s “not conformationally sound.”

At 1-1/2 (she’ll be 2 in November), she has a lot of years ahead of her to devote to her new family. We think Harper will be best in a home with no other dogs, at least initially.