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  1. I have so many stories about all of my rescue Airedales (9) but there is one that my mind can still see happening today. It was in Feb of 2104 I had a surgery and during it the surgeon quite by accident found a cancer, stage zero . I was so very fortunate as it would have not been discovered until past stage zero . I immediately went into treatment. Six months later we did another check to see if the treatments had worked, They had!!! I was so relieved and happy I sat down on the couch and cried then I called my husband at work, he was in a meeting. I called my sister but she was out of the office and could not be reached. Now I was crying very hard , happy , I wanted so much to share . Who appears front and center ? My beautiful Buster and Molly somersaulting, doing acrobats, and being clowns together ! The show did not stop until they heard my laughter. How does one live without friends as these? Thank you, all 9 (over 30 years) of you

    1. Hi, Sharon. Thank you for sharing your lovely story about Buster and Molly. They absolutely can read our moods and emotions and react to them. They live in the moment and help us appreciate each moment we’re with them. I’m glad you have Molly and Cameron to continue the tradition and FUN! Are you on Facebook, Sharon? I’d love to share your story – if you would allow me to – on ARG’s FB page. And if you have photos of Buster & Molly (same Molly?) to go with it, that would be great. You could send them to me at my email: airedalemail@comcast.net

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