Hinkley, 2-y-o M/N, ADOPTED 03-09-19

Hinkley came to ARG as a rambunctious 2-y-o boy who had no manners or training to speak of. He just knew he loved people and wanted to play with them and get their attention, but hadn’t been taught how to properly play. He loves other dogs but wasn’t sure how to interact with them because he wasn’t socialized with other dogs. He would chew up clothing items because he was bored. Dogs need to chew, but they must be provided with appropriate chew toys and must have enough mental and physical stimulation to expend their energy.

ARG has placed him with a trainer who is keeping him in her home and working with him. Hinkley is very smart and learns quickly. He walks well on leash and is learning to accept people without jumping on them. He is reactive to other dogs – barking, jumping, but only when he’s on leash. In play groups and the dog park off-leash, he is fine and loves to play. He is crate-trained and knows the basics – sit, stay, heel, leave-it.

Hinkley needs continued, consistent training to reinforce what he’s learned so far, and he needs someone who is home more than they’re away. He would excel in a home with a fenced in yard to play ball in, perhaps an older kid to throw a ball and maybe another dog his size or larger who can match his energy level. He is smart but his excess energy makes it hard to focus. He needs close supervision in the house and during play. He can steal something off the counter or a 5-ft tall chest before you can say “leave it”!

No cats. No small dogs or small children!