Hinkley, 2-y-o M/N, ADOPTED 03-09-19

Hinkley came to ARG as a rambunctious 2-y-o boy who had no manners or training to speak of. He just knew he loved people and wanted to play with them and get their attention, but hadn’t been taught how to properly play. He loves other dogs but wasn’t sure how to interact with them because he wasn’t socialized with other dogs. He would chew up clothing items because he was bored. Dogs need to chew, but they must be provided with appropriate chew toys and must have enough mental and physical stimulation to expend their energy.

ARG has placed him with a trainer who is keeping him in her home and working with him. Hinkley is very smart and learns quickly. He walks well on leash and is learning to accept people without jumping on them. He is reactive to other dogs – barking, jumping, but only when he’s on leash. In play groups and the dog park off-leash, he is fine and loves to play. He is crate-trained and knows the basics – sit, stay, heel, leave-it.

Hinkley needs continued, consistent training to reinforce what he’s learned so far, and he needs someone who is home more than they’re away. He would excel in a home with a fenced in yard to play ball in, perhaps an older kid to throw a ball and maybe another dog his size or larger who can match his energy level. He is smart but his excess energy makes it hard to focus. He needs close supervision in the house and during play. He can steal something off the counter or a 5-ft tall chest before you can say “leave it”!

No cats. No small dogs or small children!

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  1. Hi I actually met Hinkley at Settles Bridge Park with his foster. All I can say is what a love and I am interested in him. I had a Airedale 12 1/2 years old that passed away 1 1/2 years ago and interested in another. I don’t work…and walk 3-5 miles every day. I have a large house, no little ones, and a fenced in yard, along with a 9 year old 64lb aussiedoodle. How would I go about meeting him with my family and see if we are a fit???

    1. Hi, Janice. Cathy Abramson told me she met someone who was interested in Hinkley; it must be you! Before we arrange a meeting, please fill out an application to adopt. When we receive that application, one of our volunteers will call you to go over the application and learn more about you and your expectations for an adopted Airedale. Following the interview, we will have one of our volunteers arrange to visit your home to see where the Airedale will live and play. Once we have completed this process, and you have been approved, we would certainly consider you for Hinkley or another Airedale that would work well in your situation. Thank you very much for contacting us. We look forward to receiving your application. Jackie Cash

  2. Hello, Jackie!

    We continue to wait to hear from you with notice of a potential housemate for Trevor. While he has a coterie of “pack” members with which he takes a daily two and half mile walk, he has no friend to share the rest of the day and night with.

    He is now seven and a very stable and well socialized member of our local canine society, ready to join in to whatever the pack is up to. And when he is in the house and sees one of the others out walking, he lets us know that he would love to be out with them playing.

    I note Kara has found her forever home, for which we are very pleased. She is a great beauty and we are happy she found a home she could be comfortable in.

    I know you are very busy, but I would hope you won’t forget our quest to find Trevor a friend and our offer to give that friend a forever home.

    Best regards and a Happy New Year

    Bob an Sally Atherton and of course, Trevor!

    1. Good morning, Bob & Sally (and Trevor!). Thank you for your message. We have not forgotten you. It seems the only Airedales we’ve had in ARG recently have been dogs that do not get along with other dogs. Two of those dogs are in training currently – Webster in Florence, SC and Hinkley in Atlanta. We just placed an 8-week-old pup that was for sale on Craigslist (Sigh!), and a 10-year-old, blind, intact male that turned up in a shelter in SC. Am I remembering correctly that you would prefer a female, about 2-3 years old? Do you have any extended trips coming up? I heard from TomMac recently. I had asked about his pottery and he sent me info. You can email me at my personal email: airedalemail@comcast.net. Thank you for writing. I hope we have an Airedale for you soon! Jackie

  3. Hello!
    Just submitted an application, and we are interested in Hinkley!

    Let me know if there is a way we could meet him!


    1. Hi, Hannah. Yes, we received your application. One of our volunteers will be in touch soon to go over your application and answer questions you may have. As to meeting Hinkley, that might be arranged, but would need to wait until your interview and home visit. Thank you for contacting us and for considering a rescued Airedale.

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