Izzy, 5-yo F/S, ADOPTED 07-28-19!

This beautiful girl is in her prime — smart, healthy, happy, sweet, playful, and well-mannered. She lives with a Yorkie-poo and they love to play and romp together. Izzy loves every dog she meets and doesn’t show any aggression to other dogs, large or small at either the dog park or the vet’s office/boarding. She will chase after cats, so she probably shouldn’t live with them.

Izzy’s dad takes her when he’s riding his bike in the mornings and she loves to run along beside him on leash. She also enjoys long walks with her mom and the Yorkie-poo. 

She has grown up with children who are now 11, 10, 9, and 5, but the newest child, who’s 18-months old, has her stressed. She has to stay crated away from the toddler so the family believes another home will give her a better life. 

We think she will do best in an active family without small children. She would love another dog pal, but no cats. Is Izzy the Airedale for you?


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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Can you tell us more about Izzy? Are there more photos? We have a 2y boy, Beckett who would live a sister.

    1. Hi, Kim. Your name is familiar. Did you apply to Airedale Rescue Group before? The only issue Izzy has is with a 18-mo-old toddler. I’m going to look up your old app and call you.

  2. Hi Jackie, I am inquiring about Izzy. I have fostered 2 dogs and rescued 1 dog from the ATRVA. We currently have Higgins, who will turn 9 next month. He is our second airedale. Cathy Biersack, of the ATRVA, was instrumental in our adoption of Higgins. Our property boarders an apple orchard with a fenced in yard. A dog like Izzy, sounds like an ideal companion. Our kids are grown, and our grandkids are 12 years of ago. We have no cats and are experienced with the breed. I am retired and able to travel where needed. Mobile is about 900 miles from Winchester Va. Please consider us for this adoption. I completely understand your group trying to place Izzy locally but thought it was worth a shot. Feel free to contact me by email echadima@hughes.net or phone 443-980-5141 should you need more information. Thank you very much, Ed and Chris Chadima

    1. Hi, Ed. Yes, Cathy told me to expect to hear from you. We have found a foster home for Izzy and she will move there tonight. We do have several people interested in her, including some folks who are in our region; however, we invite you to complete an application here on our site. Then we can proceed with getting you approved. Thank you so much for considering a rescued Airedale. Jackie

  3. Hi. I am inquiring about Izzy. I currently live near Memphis with my husband and Kerry Blue terrier Keaghan who is 4 years old. Our girls are both off to college and we wanted to bring another airedale into our home. We previously had an airedale , Broghan, who passed away several years ago. I am looking to give a home to an older dog rather than a puppy. We love having two dogs and are looking for a female. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Betty. Thank you for your message. You are in our region, so please fill out an application on this site to be considered for adoption. Once we receive your application, one of our volunteers will contact you for a phone interview, and that will be followed by a home visit. Then, if we are all agreed that an Airedale would fit with you and your family, we would match you to an Airedale that would fit with your situation. It is to your advantage that you’ve had an Airedale and know what you’re getting into. We look forward to receiving your application.

        1. And we received it. One of our volunteers will contact you soon. Izzy is being fostered right now, and we have an approved applicant who is considering her. But, once you go through our process and, hopefully, are approved, there may be another for you. Thank you.

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