Izzy, 5-3/4 yo F/S, Adoption Pending!

July 2020: Izzy was adopted one year ago by approved adopters — a couple with 2 sons, 1 teenager and 1 preteen. Izzy immediately bonded with the mom but, even after one year, has never really warmed up to the sons or the husband. Now, the mom has been diagnosed with a debilitating illness that makes it impossible for her to care for Izzy the way Izzy needs.

This beautiful girl is in her prime, going on 6 years old, smart, healthy, happy, sweet, playful, and well-mannered. Izzy is a lovely companion when she trusts the humans she is living with. She is very mellow and is not demanding around the house and content to just be with you.

Before coming to ARG, she lived with a Yorkie and got along great with it. She currently lives with a Welsh Terrier and they are fine together. She walks very well on leash and loves to go hiking, but she is reactive to other dogs when she is on leash and will pull and bark.

Izzy needs an active couple (or individual) who is willing to work with her to ease her reactivity to other dogs, provide daily mental and physical stimulation, and incorporate her into their world. If she understands that everyone in the family is her friend, we think she could also be great with children above age 13 or so. As long as she’s allowed to interact with everyone in the family and enjoys that interaction through feeding, walks, or play, we believe she would prove to be a happy companion to them all.

Is your family right for Izzy?