Hi, My name is Jack and I am a rescued Airedale terrier. They say I am about 8 years old, but I don’t know. I don’t remember my original name, but Jack sounds good to me, especially when followed by “you good boy.”
I have been with my new and forever family for a little over a month now, and am still working on training them. They have learned a few things, but there are still some issues they are stubborn about. Maybe they are part airedale?
They have learned:
I must go out immediately after eating, just like a puppy, or everyone will be embarrassed.
I wander all over at the beginning of a walk, but then will settle down and heel on your right side.
My hips may be creaky, but I can still snatch an irresistible tidbit off the counter. I wish they hadn’t learned that one.
I have a very big deep bark, but only use it when it is necessary. My call what is necessary.
I want to be with my people at all times. There is no reason to go anywhere without me. Anywhere. They don’t understand that quite perfectly yet.
I know the word “kennel” means get in the crate. They thoughtfully have one available at all times for anydale to use for a rest.
I like to romp with my little brother; my big brother and I respect and mostly ignore each other.

Things they still need further training on:
I can easily eat twice what you feed me. I am a slender 71 pounds.
The toilet is an auxiliary water bowl. What’s wrong with that?
I like to sip coffee and tea and wine, so don’t get upset if you have them right in front of me.

So there you have it. They are showing promising potential, so I think I will hang in there and continue working on their skills, until they are the true subjects they are meant to be.