Jack is ready to adopt!-ADOPTED

Jack is a loving 8 year old boy who gets along well with other dogs. At 80lbs he needs to lose about 10 lbs for his ideal weight.  He is a big Airedale with the biggest heart ever. Jack makes a great walking partner and exercise companion.  He sticks right by your side and does not pull or lunge.  He prances like he is happy and is proud to be with YOU!

Jack attends day care where he exhibits a great ‘nose’ for smells and being near his teachers. He’d rather be the teacher’s pet than romp with other dogs. At home, he is very happy to settle next to your feet and chew on a bone and rest.  Being in your lap or your bed is his ideal but, not allowed at the foster home!  He respects a firm NO from his pack leader. Jack would love a family of his own.

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