Jackson, 7yo m/n STAYING WITH OWNERS!

This smiling boy is looking for a new home because his family’s situation has changed: an infant, career change, pending move to another state, smaller home, and smaller yard. His family believes he would be happier with another family that could give him more time than they can and he can have a bigger yard to play in.  

Jackson is loving to his family members, including their 4-year-old daughter, and he’ll tolerate pokes and jabs and even obey some commands from her. He enjoys head rubs and lying near his people. He’s a big softy and thinks he is a lap dog, but he’ll remember that he’s a big boy after a few minutes and move on.

Jackson is an inside dog but loves to play outside. When they go to their inlaws’ home, he loves to roam in their huge fenced pasture. He’s got a good recall and comes when Dad calls him. He doesn’t respond as well to Mom. (Hmmm.)

Jackson knows some basic commands: sit, down, shake, stay, and off. He is generally good with them except for down and stay. Those usually require coaxing with a treat. (Hmmm. Yeah, he’s an Airedale.) With a little consistency and patience, you could probably help him master those as well.

Jackson has become very wary of strangers or anyone who comes to the door, and even barks when people walk by or cars drive by. We suspect he is being very protective of his family, especially to the infant, but it could be related to not getting enough exercise or attention. He can walk well with a no-pull harness but has become reactive to other dogs who get too near him or if they bark or lunge at him. Though he may be reactive when on leash, he plays well with other dogs when he is boarded or goes to day care.

Jackson turned 7 in March and is 70 lbs. No C*TS. Did I mention he’s handsome?

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  1. He sounds like a wonderful companion! And a lot like our GSD, reactive on leash, protective of us and the house and 70 lbs. What’s not to love? Would he like to be my running buddy?

  2. Hi Jackie, my name is Sharyl Remily and I am an approved home and have been looking for an olderAiredale for over a year. Jackson sounds like he would fit well into our family, we are an older couple with no other animals and gave no children at home. Our Willie, our Airedale, passed from cancer about five years ago and we are looking to find another friend.

    1. Hi, Sharyl. Thank you for your message. We do not have your name in either our approved or pending approval files. Perhaps you applied to and were approved by another Airedale group? ARG covers only NC, SC, TN, GA, and AL. If you are not in one of those states, it was another group.

      1. Yes I was approved in Louisville, Ky approximately a year ago and have been waiting for an older Airedale to become available. Sharyl Remily

        1. Hi, Sharyl. The group that covers KY and who approved you to adopt is Airedale Terrier Rescue Association (ATRA). We all are affiliated with National Airedale Rescue but we are divided geographically. We would only consider someone outside our region if we had no one in our region who wanted to adopt Jackson. I will get back with you if we are not able to find an appropriate home. Thank you.

          1. Hi, Sharyl. I wanted to update you on Jackson. We thought we had someone for him, but the man ended up turning him down. And, that’s a good thing, because yesterday, Jackson’s owner emailed us to say that they have decided to keep him. They’ve found a larger home with a nice yard and Jackson will love that. This is the best outcome for all concerned. He gets to stay with his family. Good luck to you in your quest for an Airedale. Thank you. Jackie

          2. Thank you for the info. I’m glad Jackson was able to go back to his family.

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