Jana, ~5yo F/S, NC, Adopted August 2020

Jana has a story, but she’s keeping it to herself. She ended up in a shelter in NC, filthy, matted, and stinky. We could tell that she was not well-socialized and was timid, probably because she lived outside a lot and didn’t get a lot of attention, or was simply neglected.

Though she was unsure of herself, she immediately warmed to her foster mom. After spending one night, she was bright, happy, and running around the yard with her tail up, even venturing into the steps of the swimming pool. At some point, someone did pay attention to her, because she will come when called and sit for treats. She’s a little jumpy at some inside noises that she’s not accustomed to — like the coffee pot, but she’s getting better every day. 

She enjoys car rides a little better than she did initially, and we are working on leash training. She still tries to back out of her collar, but once you get her going she does quite well. She is a very happy girl who loves to play and do her zoomies. She acts much like a big goofy puppy. So fun!!

Jana is doing great in the house but does have a bit of separation anxiety. She is a very sweet-natured gal and loves to be near people. She isn’t doing great with the foster mom’s Wire Fox Terriers, but some of that is them. She really is a big goofy puppy.

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