Jazzy, 2-3 y-o Female, SC ADOPTED 07-24-17!!!

Jazzy came into ARG care because her elderly owner no longer had the time nor resources to care for her. He got her as a pup and she was an inside dog until she “got too big,” and was relegated to the yard. Being a young, curious, energetic Aire-girl, she often went over the fence to roam the rural neighborhood. She’s a sweet, wild child who loves everyone, but is too rough for children younger than about 10-12. Her foster mom reports that Jazz is fine with her two Airedales but gets too wild too fast. They both just walk off or ignore her when she gets too rough.

The foster mom has worked with her and she will walk politely on leash. She very much enjoys and needs lots of structured walking. Jazz has learned she must sit before she receives affection. She was a quick study on this as she prefers a chin rub and eye contact over a treat. This is the kind of behavior that can easily be built on to teach her other things. However she has almost no impulse control so she is not good at this when around multiple people.

The best home for Jazzy would be with someone who is committed to training and leash-walking and absolutely understands that she cannot be off leash in an unsecured area; in fact, she cannot be unattended in a fenced yard as she might try to escape. She will do best in a home where someone is home most of the day. She’d do best with older children/teenagers who can learn how to work with her and teach her. If there’s another dog in the home, it should be at least her size or larger (> 50 lbs.) She absolutely cannot be with cats or small dogs.

Jazzy has many years to occupy your home and your heart.